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Thursday, March 15, 2007

How to Care for Your Cat

You must provide a comfortable environment for your kitty to sleep in.
You will need to invest in a good scratching post. This large green one is a favourite, and doubles nicely for a parking space for the humans when American Idol comes on.

Don't forget to encourage good interpersonal skills. Henry the Hamster is an excellent citizen and has provided prime training grounds for the felines to practise self-control.

Outdoor exercise and fresh air is critical to a cat's proper development. If you have an outdoor

tent erected just outside the back door, it also provides an excellent vantage point for her to

keep a guard on your house for you.

With those sharp teeth at your back door, your sense of security is ensured.

Kitties are highly intelligent. Stimulate their furry little minds with electronic game playing.

You will also find that the cat's contented purring will provide soothing melodies for any leftover toddlers you may have lurking about the house. A few minutes of white (or grey) noise, and the little gaffers will be fast asleep.


Anonymous said...

I still miss my cat. He was a big old black and white cat named Harry. He was king of the castle.

Judy said...

As I read this, my beloved old kitty is sitting on my cold cold feet.

He has taken to meowing EXTREMELY loud while Baby Boy is napping. I hate that.

(what? leftover toddler again!? we had that last night!)

andrea said...

Great photos! Especially the last two. That grey one must be a real character. What's her name?

Anonymous said...

I'm not exactly sure how I got here...perhaps from ME's blog...however, I have enjoyed my past several visits immensely and thought I would 'delurk' and tell you so. Although I have a dog, fish, and guinea pig..there is no cat...sad to say...I am allergic to them ;(

Linda said...

Never did like cats much but I enjoyed this post!

it's a gong show... said...

The picture of your cat on the tent roof scares the crap outta me.

Joyce said...

That grey kitty on the tent roof is Mindy. She's written up in my will to get ALL MY MONEY because she's my favourite.

Why can't her sister be more like her?

B- I'm considering cloning her, and posting her in different locations so that I always have that scarey face on hand when people intimidate or misunderstand me...