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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sweet, Sunny Saturday

There is a blog that I love to hate. A wonderfully creative person who appears to whip together the most wonderful stuff out of bits of fabric. I like to imagine she does this while simultaneously home-schooling her eleven obedient, ruddy cheeked cherubs who dine on her slowly and methodically prepared meals of organic, home grown vegetables and tofu. She likely follows a budget, works out by howing beets or kumquat, and never colors her hair. Like I said, I hate her.
That's only because I rarely find time any more to make stuff. And I happen to like doing that sort of thing.

Lots of coloured buttons with bits of old thread still attached to them make me insanely happy.
Old scraps of quilted squares make me weak in the knees.
So on this sunny Saturday, I had nothing but time and oppurtunity to put a few of those hoarded bits together.

I hope you don't hate me.


Anonymous said...

Joyce it's really not fair that you are sooo talented...a writer and "a pillow maker from junk"....too cool....LOVE the pillows...Lindalew

Judy said...


Doesn't make me hate you.

Thanks for the inspiration! I have a great label I've been saving that came off a wool blanket and I just knew it needed a place of honor. Now I just may have to put it on the front of a pillow!

I too love buttons. Currancy, in my little world.

LDahl said...

Can I hate you, just a tiny bit?!?
♥ Love your pillows ♥

QueenHeroical said...

Great pillows, what a way to spend the day ... perhaps today ...

but if you did the embroidery all yesterday, I might have to hate you ... too good too fast ... too much.

Thanks for "getting it" re: last post. And for adding your touches there too.


Me said...

nope don't hate you - just wish I had your panache...

Michele said...

i had wanted to send you a note that said, "make something again." and then i opened your page and you had!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pillows, but the art I really admire are your posts. Your words might as well be buttons.
And I am not saying that just to blow smoke up your ass.

Joyce said...

Linda- thank you so much- so kind, and so generous.

Judy- I too, love old labels. Some day there will be a diagnosis for people like us!

ldahl- I dare you! (and thanks)

Krina- nope, the embroidery is stolen off an old handbag that I've been hoarding for years.
And I meant to thank you for the inspiration, but I see you found your way over here! thank you...

me- But you've got your very own!

Michele- You're right. It was good for body and soul.

... And the prize goes to (drum roll) JOANNE!! Really, when will you begin to write as well? I so want to hear more of your mind. And the affirmation, from a woman that I suspect loves to think past the first layer is deeply, deeply appreciated. Thank you so much.
(wonder what it would feel like to get smoke up the ass? Did I just think that out loud? Woops!)

it's a gong show... said...

Can you come over to my place and make it look like your house. PLEASE!!!

it's a gong show... said...

Joanne, I'm with Joyce. You HAVE to start your own blog. I've recieved a few comment emails from her and she is one intelligent lady.

Anonymous said...

Ha- you think that I am smart? Really, I am full of warm fuzzies from all your kind words, but you should know that I spent the first 30 or so years of my life spewing off all things unintelligent and inappropriate. Here's to hoping this perceived sometimes wisdom has the power to override a prickly and uncomfortable past. Some of us just have to learn the hard way. So with that, I will say that your kind words made my day. Maybe even my life.

Ruth said...

JOYCE i made pillows this weekend TOO! isnt that ironic, neat or slightly weird? :)
i like your pillows.
love the patches.

svea said...

Oh I am drooling over those gorgeous pillows. you spread beauty everywere JOyce.