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Monday, March 05, 2007

Thank God For Brothers With Cabins

I did a little magic over the weekend.

Weary of the battlefield, I made myself disappear. The change in location ensured a sharp decrease in the "fight or flight" response. In fact, the only time I rose from the sectional was to ensure my gin levels or maybe to dip a cracker into cheese.

I did bump into the odd giant wolf or two (or did they come in with me?) None were slayed, but we did shake hands on a tentative peace treaty.

Now, at home again, methinks I'll spend my energy not on sharpening my weapons, but rather on learning to most accurately discipher the sheep from the wolves. Then we'll go find us some local green pastures to lie down in.


janice said...

I was excited to hear that you got away! Sometimes all we need is a little time by ourselves to reflect and gain new prespectives. May I follow you to those green pastures - I sure could use a nap!

Homo Escapeons said...

Did you really see some wolves? or could they have been Coyotes, which was originally pronounced Koy-yo-tay (sorry I can't help it)

My fave wolf story was told to me by a young chopper pilot that I hung out with when I worked up North after High School. He told me that one day when he was flying back he saw the local pack running across an open field. He went down to have a better look.

The alpha male was a huge, pitch- black creature who apparently had had enough of this tomfoolery..He STOPPED running!
He then spun around and stared up at Cal in his chopper as if to say want some of this? Come on down!

Cal said that he had never, ever encountered any wild animal that didn't bolt in sheer terror from the noisy rotors. That brave wolf sent shivers up his spine even though he was 100 feet up in the air. What an image.

it's a gong show... said...

I am sooo happy for you that you got some much deserved time away. You're a mother of 4 Joyce, some wolf in the wilderness is no match for you!

andrea said...

You deserved it! It's been so long since I had a night away alone that I almost can't remember it. OK -- it was 14 months ago. Eek.

Anonymous said...

Glad t hear that you got away. So, can I rent your brother's cabin before I do my entire family and the Telus people and their computer help voice in?

Judy said...

Good for you, Joyce.

Make it a habit!