Monday, March 12, 2007

More Happy Stuff.

Maybe its the increase in daylight hours thats bringing up my serotonin levels.
Or maybe its just this fun stuff I found at the "boutique" this weekend. Oh, and some of it came from a secret thrift shop that sells stuff for peanuts. I'll never, ever reveal its secret location.

And as Shelley will attest to, it also sells the best t-shirts.

Fab-YOO-luscious shoes.
Sammy tells me that the white ones are "boy colour". He still prefers to wear the pink ones though. They go with his tutu.

A stack of fun vintage fabrics and a couple of custard cups. The custard cups are fun on the coffee table with little old junk I've picked up for no particular reason, but just love looking at.

I love old patterns. I rarely use them, and after a while, I wonder... Why did I pick that up? Whatever will I do with this? How long will I find joy in staring at it, then decide to use it for bum wipes at the cabin outhouse?

I nearly had a coronary when I saw this absolutely perfect lustre ware creamer hidden behind some junk on the toppest, toppliest shelf. And I didn't drop it.
The stack of plates beneath the creamer are so great that I can't stand to look at them.
I entered my name in a silent auction.
My offer was $2.50.
I was the only one who put down my name and number.
I will never serve you pie on those plates.
You may be prohibited from even looking at them.


Roo said...
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Roo said...

....AND A CUTE AS A CUPCAKE DRESS, dont forget. steller shiloh adores her new little frock.

it's a gong show... said...

You must disclose where this "heaven on earth" is...I'm dieing to go there!! I'm not kidding when I said I want you to come over and decorate my house just like yours!!

Judy said...


I don't even know where to begin.

You got the lusterware for $2.50 - how can that be!?!

What finds!!!

Melissa said...

can I have a cupcake on one then? ;)

Anonymous said...

I collect old knitting patterns I'll never use, so don't feel bad.

I love secret thrift stores. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, this daylight rocks! We got out the wagon this morning. Over the ruts and through the puddles (to Grandmother's house we go).

I saw LOTS of moms out with wagons and stollers. We all had these stupid, perhaps crazed, grins on our faces.

Loving the shoes! Good haul!

svea said...

Tell Sammy I've got dibs on the purple sparkly shoes...glad you found such treasures. it is better than pirates of the carribean

Anonymous said...

Joyce! That cream pitcher resembles the one I got at Grandma's auction sale. Gorgeous!