Monday, October 08, 2007

Three Words Worth Thinking About

heart [ haart ] (plural hearts)

3. basis of emotional life: the source and center of emotional life, where the deepest and sincerest feelings are located and a person is most vulnerable to pain .

Quote from an old friend:
---the beauty, pain and ugliness of what is life and death and how it seems the harder you love the harder it hurts, but that's the preference nonetheless.
.......idyllic, broken, hopeful, real, loving, loud and soft all at the same time--

per·spec·tive [ pər spéktiv ] (plural per·spec·tives)

1. particular evaluation of something: a particular evaluation of a situation or facts, especially from one person's point of view.

con·text [ kón tèkst ] (plural con·texts)

1. text surrounding word or passage: the words, phrases, or passages that come before and after a particular word or passage in a speech or piece of writing and help to explain its full meaning.

2. surrounding conditions: the circumstances or events that form the environment within which something exists or takes place.

Becoming aware of new information requires an attention to that perspective and context. It is also true that one can not measure steps and choices indefinately preoccupied with what may exist in someone else's context or how one's intentions may be perceived.

We are all interconnected. My life circle will always enter the life circle of others. The lines will cross and intersect, and although the boundries are clear, its interpretation is largely dependent upon which circle one's focus begins on.

Its a comfort that the God who "knitted us together in our mothers womb" also knows the heart. More than I. More than others.

Its a good perspective.


gloria said...

you doing coffee tomorrow?

Roo said...

i find comfort in that as well.