Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A few years ago, I got pretty darn faithful at doing my pilates DVD. I figured that longer and leaner were concepts that I could live with, and that I could avoid peeing into snow drifts by lengthening and strengthening within the privacy of my own home.

After a year, I still had gravel pits for legs, so I told Mari-whats-her-name a thing or two and returned to the more comfortable role of simply hating myself. She clearly didn't give-a-care and just kept grinning like a long, lean cheshire cat and claiming emphatically: "YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT WHEN YOU SEE THE RESULTS!" (dvds are so unfair. I can hear her, but she never acknowledges me).

The thing that happened after I told off Mari Windsor was that my self still didn't get longer or leaner or more stream-lined, and my back started hurting all over again. I realized then, some of the error of my ways, and got the pilates mat back out of hiding. Maybe the point wasn't so much to land up looking like a magazine spread, but to prevent some of the achey inconveniences of living in a tent made of depreciating skin.

So, like I said. I got the pilates mat back out of hiding.

And we can all see what amazing benefits can come of pilates.
(I wonder how much more good could come of finding the dvd, loading it, getting down on the floor, and doing whatever lean-and-lying Mari Windsor says I should do?)


Anonymous said...

I went for a jog today for the first time in a very long time. My thighs burned, my stomach itched and my lungs were gasping for air as my mind wondered if there was any muscle under all that dough! But dangit, now that I'm back home and have managed to get my oxygen levels back to normal, I feel pretty good. Maybe I'll have to try that again tomorrow...

Heather Plett said...

Can you imagine what fun they'd have if you got a treadmill? :-)

andrea said...

Love it. As for you (as opposed to your kids), at least you have the self discipline to follow a DVD. I don't kid myself and know I need a class, which I attended faithfully for 3.5 years (easy when your LONG, LEAN uncle is the teacher and it's free :) until I hurt my back about 6 months ago and the musculoskeletal specialist told me that Pilates was the culprit. He was right; I'm fine now but really should try and get motivated to go back to class one of these days... Maybe I'll buy a DVD instead... :)

Linda said...

What a great idea! I'll put my mat out and see how long it takes me to get long and lean!