Friday, April 11, 2008

So It Comes Down To This.....

I am fast approaching status levels of Martha Stewart, Oprah, and Soule Mama. You know how these hotshots have gifts sent to them constantly, beyond any possibility of all these offerings finding use in the lives of these people of influence?
Well. Okay.... I'm finding excellent uses for the bounty of your generosity. There are two pristine, antique, glass light fixtures lying in wait in my upstairs closet. There are stacks of fabric donated by Darfur supporters. Ziploc baggies of buttons have been slipped my way during worship at Sunday service. And this week, after my raw confession of coffee snobbery, I not only got some excellent advice of what proper beans to brew.... I also got some bonified beans in my time of need.
Thank you, my friends and supporters. When I'm a wildly famous artist, I'll throw gifts and money around with great abandon. I'll make Oprah look like a tightwad, and Soule Mama will be jealously drooling over my blog, and my books about how to have a picture perfect life.
But for now, I'll enjoy my life of relative obscurity.
And my coffee.


Roo said...

somebody sure must love you to share their coffee beans.... :)

Anonymous said...

There's something about you... I've been wanting to send you something, too. It will probably be crocheted ... from yarn I found at the flea market. [Leah's sister]

joyce said...

awhh.... Really?!!
That gave me actual, real life tingles. You are sweet.

Anonymous said...

I need this in my life, I need to be MORE like this in my life.

How come this blog made me cry?? ha ha.

beware my sister's crotchet-ing!! LOL