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Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Short Tutorial on Housekeeping

A. Picking rhubarb, cutting rhubarb, finding a rhubarb recipe, then placing said items on the counter for one to three days does not currently, and will not ever, produce rhubarb muffins.

B. Cleaning one's undies and t-shirts, taking the time to put them in the appropriate drawers in the appropriate rooms, does not guarantee that they will not become fur-lined undies and t-shirts before one has the oppurtunity to glean the benefits of getting to one's laundry.

C. Providing a "doggie pad" does not in any way guarantee that your pet does not prefer to urinate upon whatever fabric was so thoughtfully placed on the floor in the sewing room prior to retiring to one's bed for rest.

*D. Preparing healthful meals at appropriate times.... daily.... Does not suggest that young, responsible adolescents will not take an interest in their own needs for health and vitality.

E. Although at first glance one might easily become confused, this coffee table/ trunk conveniently placed near the couch and television, is not actually a dishwasher.


F. A bathroom is actually not a craft center, writing desk, tool caddy, or toy trunk.
G. I am quite sure you have heard of a self-cleaning oven?
I hear that with tremendously high temperatures, they can actually clean themselves. This is however, pertinent to ovens, and as far as I know, the technology has not advanced to include countertops.

I know it's all very confusing, and is a lot of information for people to absorb and practise, but it is all true.


I kid you not.


Crystal said...

I think we live in the same house.

joyce said...

well, that makes sense. I haven't seen you in a few days. You are probably buried under something around here....

Judy said...

Hmm. I see nothing that looks out of place for a vibrant home filled with creative loving people.

Throw piles of books and magazines into the mix and it looks like my home. And, I haven't any full time resident children to blame it on.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a home where a lot of people are loved!

Roo said...

ahhhh. thanks for the tip! esp G. now it all makes sense. well, "sense" might be stretching it.... at least i know understand.

Linda said...

A truth I've recently discovered is that no matter how well you clean, no matter how spotless, everything gets dirty just as fast.

Living in a clean, spotless house is boring.

Ariel Gordon said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Linda. A clean spotless house would be boring. Although my cats leave muddy footprints all over my newly washed floors, their antics fill my home with laughter and love.

P.S. The letters in my word verification are 'dgimmits'. I think they could make a great new word which could start a whole new vocabulary. What do ya think? Oh dgimmits!!!

Jennie C. said...

I have the BEST rhubarb crisp recipe. It has ginger and orange zest in it. Anyone interested?