Monday, September 08, 2008

And Thus Concludes Pre-School


christine said...

can you believe it??
I love how Sam had the entire entourage of day care friends join his voyage to school! Hilarious! Plus I love the pic of him parking his bike, so significant.
Hope sweet Sam had a good first day.

Anonymous said...

Sweet sorrow? How I almost remember 19 yrs. ago when my baby went to kindergarten...and now oh yikes/!!????

joyce said...

yeah, its a real snapshot of real life. And in a way I can not believe it- the end of an era.
And I know how quickly 19 years will pass..

Roo said...

when i was 18 my baby sister started kindy-garten. i cried.

Anonymous said...

That is THE best picture of Sam on his bike.Loaded.Auntie Kathy