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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hi-WHAT-is? time, she discovers that her attempt at balance was sorely misguided and poorly orchestrated. A hiatus was indeed a wise direction; but sadly... she took a break from all the wrong things.

If I had a lick of sense in me, I would have taken a break from dishes, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, sorting, carrying, stacking, loading, mowing, dusting, and child-rearing. It turns out that those are the things that actually take up all my time, regardless of whether a bag or two hundred get sewn in their midst. Honestly. A woman who spends as much time as I do CLEANING should live in a perfect environment.

I think I'll start auctioning again. The highest bidder by 6:00 pm can take care of all the dishes. I'll need someone around here all day long to sweep- that happens at least six times between dawn and dusk.

If this idea catches on, I could grab a couple hours and maybe head back to the sewing room!

Seriously, folks. Has anybody ever dwelt on the fact that housework is really depressing? So unrewarding? So temporary? I'm guessing they have; judging from the numbers of middle-aged women I've seen around town with wadded up dish cloths permanently rammed between their lips. And that only sort of muffles their screams....

Now, before you inundate my comment box with chides about how my children ought to be decked out in denim and suspenders scrubbing and mopping and submitting and easing my load...I know. Okay?! And the neat thing is that I'm not at all defensive.

Have I mentioned that I hate conflict? And nagging?
And that everyone else's kid within a thousand mile radius is also welcome in my home? (okay, maybe just a little defensive. Sometimes.) AND that there's only one bathroom to service the multitudes?

Anyhoo. Back to the idea of hiatus. I think I was onto the right idea, and I know it's pretty normal for abnormal people to feel depressed after a big project like that winds down. It doesn't mean that I have to like it. I know it's pretty normal to have the repetitive, mundane, endless tasks of home and family wear a gal down. But that doesn't make it any less discouraging.

And you know what else is scarey? All this depressiong stuff has resurrected my
couch obsession. So now I spend waste too much time on looking for my dream couch. (for pennies, of course).

hmmm... I still think taking a break was the right thing to do. I just wish the yucky in between part would go away now.


Rosa said...

I am also on coach arrest. Two coaches have entered and exited my house in the last week. We are now learning to apreciate our hard wood floors and are considering carpet.

Heather Plett said...

Here's a thought... maybe you could keep doing the bags, and with a small portion of your proceeds, you could hire someone to clean your house so that you have TIME to do the bags. I don't think anyone would hold it against you if you RE-INVESTED some of the money you raise in your own sanity and time! Every non-profit has administration costs - just call the housekeeper your "administrator". :-)

Roo said...

i think we should all sell our houses and live in tents. and eat at chicken chef everyday. and move south and live on a beach somewhere warm in the winter. you in?

Anonymous said...

still think you should venture out... and do a sale, say at wpg. folk fest. get the girls sewing and involved. let them earm some converse cash!

lettuce said...

so hard to take a decent break at home

tho I get better and better - as I get older - at ignoring the housework

up to a certain point, that is....

Unknown said...

Putting together a little stimulus package that works for you can make it easier...I'll tell you what works for me: transporting myself to an out-of-body experience where I can smell the clean scent of Pledge, walk across floors without raising dustbunnies, visualize the sunsent through non-smudged windows, etc. A set of headphones, a great Blue
Rodeo CD and a few scented candles don't hurt either.