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Monday, June 01, 2009

Oh. And.

Remember that fascinating story about not finding a basketball game at the University of Manitoba campus?

Kid comes home from school a few days later and makes a wee correction.

University of Winnipeg.

*to protect the innocent, I feel it prudent to mention that she was given the wrong information by some innocent third party. (wouldn't want to make my kid look bad on the world wide web) Apparently some other unhappy mother-of-basketball player was also seen wandering the campus of the U of M. It's a small comfort to know that I could definitely NOT have found said game. And had I known which university to drive to, I would definitely never have made U of W by 5:15. So, it's all good then, eh?


Heather Plett said...

Sigh. Not long ago, I showed up at a soccer field (after taking 2 buses from CMU to Windsor Park) where the kids were supposed to be playing and nobody was there. Turned out it had been canceled, and if I'd remembered to charge my cell phone (the bain of my existence), I would have gotten the message from my husband telling me so. :-(

Karla said...

laughed my ass off