Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm Not...

  • ... a perfectionist. At least not when it comes to sewing.
  • a fast learner. It takes me a while to catch on, and I find that embarrassing.
  • a runner. I wish I were. I admire people who run, it looks like an art to me.
  • thin
  • or fat
  • (I am awfully tired of thinking/worrying/stressing about it)
  • good with teen-agers, except my own. They intimidate me. I wish I were.
  • Not sure I'll ever resolve some of my core issues.
  • good at keeping up with people's blogs and facebook stuff.

I Am...

  • pretty happy
  • going to get a great couch some day.
  • pretty efficient
  • grateful for the way my family and marriage has morphed into positive directions.
  • a chronic collector. Of all sorts of eccentric things.
  • in love with old neckties, neck scarfs, buttons, and great textiles.
  • living outdoors with my daycare kids; happy not to have to "work for a living".

And YOU?


andrea said...

We have way more in common than you might think.

joyce said...

hmmm. Nice.
Thank you, Andrea.

Wendy said...

I'm not a runner either. I wish I were and I wish I liked it but I don't and never will. And I am definitely not a perfectionist with my sewing.

I'm not good with kids at all - I don't really like kids very much actually, which is not fair on kids and quite silly because I was a kid once but there you go.

I do, however, like and love my own two offspring but I am not a really good mother because I prefer to be friends with them to being all parenty. This, I am told, is a bad thing. Oh well.

I am a good cuddler though. I am a good cook too. I am happy. I am also a history lover, and a lover of all things vintage too. But real vintage, not the shabby, worn old tat that is being hawked around as vintage these days.

joyce said...

yeah, I'm not super great at the "parenty" thing either. If we're going to be bad parents, I think this is the way to go. Other varieties of bad parents call their offspring wretched names and yell at them in Wal-Mart. Nahhh. Let's just be bad parents and cuddle and laugh with them.

Tat. That is a great word.
Thanks for playing along.

janice said...

I am not. . .
- good with kids of any age - had HUGE admiration for the care givers when mine was in child care.
- a good housekeeper
- fat, thin
- worried about my core issues - resolved meh!

I am. . .
- a runner - albeit a fair weather runner, but I run in spring, summer, autumn
- the mother of a beautiful confident young about-to-graduate-and-move-away-to-university lady so maybe I am a 'successful' mother, whatever that means.
- in love with both Joyce's blogs
- loving Joyce - but not in a creepy way.
-laughing at my verification word "boorb" looks a lot like those things on my chest.

Anonymous said...

haha - i love this game!!

-loving parenting a junior-higher
-an active person what-so-ever (not fine with that but still too lazy to change it much!)
-using my creative side much these days... just getting er done with a toddler and a preteen is all i can handle right now

-claiming that great relationship i expect to have with my daughter when all the crazy pre-teen and teen crap is out of the way!
-absolutely in love with my hubby... i still look at him and think he's the hottest thing ever walked through my life
-a passionate worshipper... if all i ever had to do was worship, i'd be a happy peanut
-encouraged with every post in your blog joyce! it's so awesome to follow another parent's life and see how its done :) and done well

Roo said...

i am:
-not always sure when i should say "yes" and "no" when things float my way.
-not a very good housekeeper.
-not really minding that either (on most days..haha)

i am not:
-worried about our finances.
-very good at keeping weeds, crack grass out of my flower beds.
-or dandelions off our yard.
-worried about that either.
-very good at saying no to chocolate.

~the end~ or rather ~the beginning~

Anonymous said...

i'm not:
~good at math.
~able to walk past candy and not buy it.
~consistent with reading my bible. but i try...and i'm sure that's what counts.
~not sure what i'm supposed to do with my life. whatever that means.
~good at providing clean, folded, and put-away clothing for my family.

i am:
~looking forward to going out for dinner with good friends tonight(and no kids!)
~getting better at keeping my house clean/tidy.
~loving the new bedding i just bought.
~excited for what the future holds for our little family of four.
~hoping that at some point in my life i will have my very own car!

joyce said...

Janice, you're not even worried about your core issues? wow. That's so admirable. Are you allowed to feel that way?? (just kidding) Hey! Maybe you don't have any! Thank you for saying that "loving" thing. I'm feeling particularly unloveable of late.
AND you run. Wow.
boorb. Probably has something to do with today being "BoobQuake Day"

Nextie: I like that you say you don't love raising the pre-teen but you look forward to having her later. I like that attitude. And I'm totally with you on the "too lazy to do anything about it". Chronic problem for me. Just one more thing to obsess about. (I hate me. I hate exercise. I hate me. I hate exercise. *SIGH*)
I love what you say about your husband. That's so beautiful.
And don't be too quick to call me a good parent. Along with hating my thighs, I'm hating other stuff too. We'll see how the kids fare... (but thanks. A lot)
I like the bit about loving worship. You mean, the singing schtick? I like that part too.

But Ruth. You did say NOT. You totally did! I love love love what you don't worry about. Lots of people could disciple under you.
Dandelions are flowers. and make great jelly from what I hear. That goes fine with chocolate.

briacolleen- I totally, totally SUCK at math. I do candy more than Bible.
I totally get the part about not knowing who to be if you grow up. It gets way better after 40.
By then you'll have a car too. And you can go out for dinner lots without your kids because they'll be off at the soccer park anyway.

Actually, you'll be at the soccer park. Speaking of which.... Gotta run!

Anonymous said...

I am not:

-good at holding my tongue - that little flapper has gotten me into more trouble than anything else in my whole life all combined!!
-thin or even thinner. Not tall either - if only I was taller, because then I would be thinner! Wish I was, but I am not.
-rich, but am richly blessed.
-good at resisting salty snacks.
-good with my teenagers and definitely don't care much for other peoples kids. Thank God for people who love others children, or at least look after them.

I am:

-really good at pretty much figuring out a person's character by watching them and spending very little time with them.
-addicted to some TV shows - Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, Grey's Anatomy mostly.
-never going to pretend to be your friend if I don't care for you. No fake friends here.
-a pretty good cook, canner and gardener. Wish I had more time to experiment again. Maybe someday.
-going to try making homemade wine sometime - soon I hope. Getting to really like some wines.

That's me in a nutshell

The Naked Chef

Lisa said...

I am not....
-a positive thinker. I tend to see my glass half empty rather than half full, but I'm working on turning that around.
-a good housekeeper. I used to be, and want to be again, but its not happening right now.
-a runner
-confident of who I am and how I fit into this world

I am......
-a good cook (at least that's what my family tells me)
-glad tax season is almost over!
-a long distance cyclist
-falling in love......with my husband, all over again
-loving my preteen daughter and almost graduated son. They are my pride and joy! And I LOVE spending time with them.
-wanting to get to know God better than I do
-blessed to have the best friends in the world
-blessed to be alive

joyce said...

yeah, I've gotten in trouble with my tongue as well. Well, more literally, with the computer keyboard...
I like REAL friends.

But you are a bike rider, and that's as impressive as running! And you are totally growing towards liking yourself in this world. See? You've finally admitted that you ARE creative.
And your kid was gorgeous in the drama this aft.