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Friday, September 22, 2006

Something Good

Today is my brother Al's birthday.
He was the first child born to my parents, and it would be 16 years before the eighth and last child, (me) was born. Suffice to say, we grew up in different families. Still, because life can be a ridiculous sandwhich of the unexpected, His children and mine were born within years of each other.

Al and his family live in Uganda so cousin times are crammed into trips to the cottage in Ontario where they live for 6 weeks in the summer. It is through these cabin times that Al has become my friend.

Al is intelligent, skilled in the administrative, personable, and kind. He is insightful, sensitive, caring, and comfortable with vulnerability. He knows the love of God, and is in tune with His "still small voice". He has cultivated humility. Al acknowledges ugliness and injustice, and has seen and known both intimately, but he insists on the eternal goodness of God.

Over the past number of months, Al's presence has been invaluable. Ken found great comfort in his presence, as did our parents. Al has been able to use his skills amongst the living and the dying to be instrumental in working out details of a senstive nature. He has reconciled administration with humanity-- sensibility with sensitivity.

I'm glad to call Al my brother and friend.
Happy Birthday!

We celebrate LIFE.


CeCe said...

Happy Birthday Big Bro!

Cherrypie said...

Here's one you made earlier, Joyce.

You're remarkable. You deserve a terrific family x

esther said...

Beautiful celebration of LIFE.
love it

Anonymous said...

I hardly recognize myself... but have known you as (efficiently) honest, loving, insightful, delightful. It is a happy surprise to have become your friend. Having been lucky in my friends, I hope you too will be one that becomes ever more intimate, and I expect layers of loveliness into which I intend to nestle... And do avoid cancer, it is much too disruptive... Love, your brother Al

Ruth said...

L'chaim ("to life")!!

Ps I'm also 14 years older then my youngest sister

Leann said...

HAPPY birthday AL.God bless you.