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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Something In Between

Lest I frighten away my readership with melancholy attempts at expression, allow me to present "something in between": A post designed not to make you laugh, nor make you want to slash away at your jugular with a dull paring knife.

Allow me to be comfortably mediocre.Words that make my heart take flight: Community Yard Sale.
The day couldn't have been more perfectly autumn, with a strong flavour of residual summer.
I wound my bike round and round town and came home with: 6 cookies (fundraiser to send a youth of YWAM), a piece of green fabric, three t-shirts and a pair of pants for the kids.

I also came home with a light spirit-- I wasn't out for the bargains, really. I was out for the interaction. I came home with a heart full of love for people in my community who know how to live with love in their actions. Sunday morning, I made it through an entire church service without bawling. I know its because for the first time ever, I remembered to pack some kleenex in my handbag. Next Sunday I'm likely to remember to wear mascara, and forget the tissue, then wipe my nose and drip black smudges on some poor soul to my left.

Sunday afternooon we had an outdoor picnic and enjoyed a stream of people coming and going, munching on my fresh salsa and soaking up the generous sun.

Soon, winter will be upon us. This pretty patch of rhubarb will be four feet under, and it will seem unbelievable that kids would voluntarily throw water balloons at one another in this very same spot.

Now, I hope you feel sufficiently neither emotionally hot nor cold.

And I hope I get through the day without throwing my snotty self against some unsuspecting victem who dares to show me some care or compassion.


Laura said...

I'm just making sure I never sit to your left during a church service. You'd better hope that I'm not sitting to your right, either. Love you.

Ruth said...

you are SO beautiful.

i loved the garage sale party too. i found THE MOST AWESOME black plastic pants (they are supose to look like leather pants) for shi fry. THEY ARE SO FUN. can't wait to dress her in them. it'll make a great blogging post.

it's all about the blogging...!

esther said...

you don't have to apologize for writing about how you're really's a great way to express yourself!! if you don't want to write about the mediocre...then don't. that's my theory anyway.

...but your mediocre is pretty darn interesting!!!

Christy said...

If you run out of people to wipe your nose on, I volunteer.