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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thank you, Shelli

I'm glad I don't have to do this alone.

This morning when a little dandruff was tickling my scalp, I was reminded of my friend Shelli. That doesn't sound flattering, but allow me to ellaborate. It was Shelli who confirmed my icky fears last December when the lice invaded. She hung around, picking for nits, and when desparation descended it was Shelli who delivered clippers for the great lice eviction.

On Friday morning (Ken's readmission), it was Shelli (and Esther :) that I scooped off the street to rush over to my house and run the circus. They watched and fed the kids. They finished my four zucchini nut loaves, they even canned my infamous salsa!

Tuesday morning, all I squeezed out of my twisted face over the phone was-- "Shelli- I CAN'T DO THIS!". She came right over.

She was there when I got the phone call.

Shelli knows what its like to lose a brother. She knows that a person continues to eat, to laugh, to cry.

She knows how to say "yes" and be Jesus with skin on.

* just a note: there are many others who loved extravagantly. But today, its Shelli's turn.


andrea said...

Thanks Shelli! :)

Carlotti said...

Ditto to the above! Thanks for leaping into action for my sister and for being her good friend.

lettuce said...

Hi Joyce. I'm just catching up over here, and so sorry about your loss. I'm thinking of you and all your family.

I loved your phrase "Jesus with skin on" - thats pretty much a good description of my mum.

esther said...

i gotta say i love her muchly too!!

Ruth said...

shelli is beautiful.

Leann said...

its so nice to have someone who is there for you.someone who can take you as you are and love you and know just what you need at any minute in the day.someone who can carry the load and be strong and do what needs doing when we can,t.friends do that and my best friend Jesus does it for me.he is there all the time.I really do not know what I would do with out him.God bless you girl the bright ness is coming when the peace comes and the only memories are all good come.heaven sends a message of just that keep your dreams open and your ears tuned in and your heart awake heaven lets you day while sitting at the park one year after my beloved step Dad had passed on.I was crying and the day was lovely but all I felt was sad and lonely.I missed Dad and longed to tell him.all at once a little breeze blew and one tiny delicate red maple leaf fell ever to gentally and sat on my car window right in eye was as if Dad said girl Iam here Iam fine and so are do your work and then when its your time to come we will see each other blessed me so I didn,t have sorrow again.see Dad had given us all of him while he was here he pored out his self in us.and so you see no one can take our loved ones away they are forever in our hearts.your a blessing shelly God will bless you for being one to Joyce.God bless you girl.

Lucy Kruze said...

Joyce I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother, it is so moving to hear how wonderful your friends are how they just reach down and scoop you up out of your sadness and give you reason to laugh again such special people you are surrounded by. I would just like to give you this small thing :

If I had words to make a day for you
I'd give you a morning golden and new
I would make this day last for all time
And give you a night dipped in moon shine...

shelley said...

You are welcome joyce. I feel God has given me a sister in you, and I would do anything for you as I would a sister. I do know the pain of losing a brother, and that really there is nothing anyone can do to lessen that pain, so if I could help or bless you during this time...that I am glad for.

ps thanks to all for all your kind words.

Bobita said...

"Jesus with skin on." That is one of the best four words I have ever seen bunched togther.

I'm so very sorry for your loss. I have not visited in a while and did not know that Ken had passed.

I have been so moved at how much of an out-pouring of love and support you have received during this difficult time. You are very blessed to have such wonderful, caring people in your life.

Blessings to you.