Friday, September 15, 2006

9:11 am

Four zucchini nut loaves in the oven.
One pot of salsa simmering on the stove.
Three kids taking turns down the slide.

I'm off to a good start. Will continue to work at break neck speed until 3:00 pm this afternoon, at which time I hope to be of some use to the one whose illness gives me nearly unlimited nervous energy.

Since my infancy, my family has celebrated Thanksgiving by renting cabins at Clear Lake, MB. Its a beautiful tradition. This year, no one much feels right about heading that way, and at Ken's suggestion, we will instead be renting rooms in a local hotel just so we can spend a little time together.

I pray God's blessing on this weekend. Humanly, I feel frightened. Emotions are riding high- there is potential for some healing, but there is fear of causing more pain.

God- I ask your blessing on our weekend. Infuse us with the gift of being selfless, of always seeing anothers' perspective before our own. Allow us the grace to use both ears and both eyes to their potential, and our lips with reverence and discretion. Bless us with Joy amidst agony.

You are our father. You love us, and your vision is limitless. Ours is short-sighted, and so I choose to trust your perspective over my own. Bless my earthly mother and father. Give them oppurtunity to weep openly with their precious son. Cover them with your healing rain.

Healing rain, I'm not afraid to be washed in Heaven's rain.
(Michael Smith)


Anonymous said...


Take the time to treasure each moment, whether it be joy or sorrow, you will look back on this time (eventually) and see how amazingly God carried you through and how close he really is.

Have fun, even in the sorrow.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

If you were not already my sister, I'd probably be too in awe of you to think we could relate on the same level. I often think of people as stained glass masterpieces that come to life when the light of God shines thru them. I have seen so many masterpieces lately, including you. Love you.

esther said...

the loaf was yummy...praying for you HEAPS and HEAPS today...

Anonymous said...

Brian and Joyce,
I don't usually visit your blog, but I did Esther shared that she had met you this morning. Been down the road of loss, grief, anger and bitterness (still on it); working on getting on to the healing road. Still I can't say I know what your going through...I'm sure you already know that we're praying, but from my experience I'll say a few curing expletives as well even if it is only for my sake.

Roo said...

You're a blessing Joyce. Your post really spoke deeply to my heart. We are having some deep turmoltous times in my inlaws family. lots of sickness. lots of sorrow. lots of heaviness.

amen...HEALING RAIN. come!