Friday, September 29, 2006

Pay it Forward

I have been humbled but giddy like a school girl at all the gifts of love that have made their way onto my kitchen counter in the past weeks. I am right now being soothed by a cd of beautiful songs that Ruth (its true, sighed roo) just brought over. Not only are the sounds good, so are the smells of the nummiest looking cinnamon buns and a casserole for dinner that I didn't have to cook.

I really have NOT cooked since Ken died last Wednesday. Meals have arrived via neighbors, friends, and church folk. If that wasn't enough to make me wonder if I was coming across as entirely too needy... on Sunday after church, there were two BOXES of food at the exit that had our name on it.
"People just want to help" is all I heard.

Brian's family, living a bit of distance away, pooled together to send us a beautiful floral arrangement, and a basket full of fruit, nummies, and chocolate. I say one can never be too sad to eat chocolate.....

A new daycare family that have been cancelled more than once in Ken's last days brought me a huge basket of food, a lasagna, and a garlic bread. Talk about humbling. Am I this nice when other people are going through bad times? I don't think I've been in tune with people in grief before. I hope I learn my lesson by watching how well others have loved us in such practical ways.

I hope to pay it forward.
I hope I notice when people could use a hand up. Even if its nothing as obvious as a death. People live chronically with all sorts of pains in their hearts and
maybe a casserole and some flowers would help to prop them up.


Heather Plett said...

We were quite overwhelmed with stuff when Dad died too. It was really humbling. I actually wrote an article about it ("how to help when someone you love faces a death in the family") and had it published in the Free Press. Unfortunately, I haven't been that good at keeping my own advice.

Roo said...

wow. nice.
so, it all worked out ok - even though your garden didn't work out. ;) love you. it was nice to chat with you today... xo