Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Just Gotta Be MeMe

I was tagged by ME to do a meme with seven things about myself. Now, this blog is already embarrassingly introspective, verging on narcistic. Its not that there aren't seven more idiocyncracies that I'd love to bore you all to tears with, its just that I like breaking rules.

So, I'm gonna do my own thang.

Its called: Seven Reasons Why Today I'd Rather Be The Woman In This Magazine Spread. (much simpler, don't you think?)

1. I've always wanted a true attic room. I've had several bedrooms with sloped ceilings, but never a truly triangular ceiling.

2. She gets an actual closet. I've never had a decent closet. We've always lived in old places which either have NO closets, or SUCKY closets carved out of some old mouse hole in the wall.

3. She has a really small television. I never dreamed I'd become an adult with a large television. I won't be all pious and liar-ous and pretend that I'm way above all that and don't love to go brain dead in front of the idiot box but..... a little tv looks way more evolved and hippy to me. I'd be downright proud if all I had was that little tv.

4. I like that filmy blouse hanging on her closet door. And she probably has actual breasts to put into it. Not remnants.

5. If I was her, I could rip down that floral wallpaper.

6. If I was her, all my old favourites would still fit me.

7. If I was her, I would have time to lay around on the floor, barefoot, without my belly skin preceding me, and I would have time to read a book. Not collect books. READ books.

So? Who else wants to break some rules? Do a meme and make it up. You could loosely use the number "seven"as a guideline. Truth is, I don't have the time or attention span to read much further than that.

I'm writing this in a hurry because "quiet time" is never as long as I'd like. I tag... Gong Show, Lettuce, Tess and four more people who I refuse to mention. You know who you are...... Well, ok, identify yourself and let me know. There's a baby grabbing my keyboard.


gloria said...

I think the floral wall paper should stay.... just sayin'

Melissa said...

Okay, that was funny. I think people who can live without the television are highly evolved but I live with a person who watches it for five or so hours a night and it drives me absolutely bonkers.

Roo said...

i think you're cool.

ps whats wrong with the wallpaper???? :)

joyce said...

Me- I have a brand new, profound respect for you. Shall we hike to a commune and buy a small tv that the generater could handle?

ok already with the wallpaper. I only like RETRO wallpaper, not PRETTY wallpaper.

Anonymous said...

The first thing I noticed about that picture (besides the fabulous closet) was the wallpaper, I think its gorgeous! What I would do to have a closet like that! Where I could organize, put things in piles in blocks of color, and make impossibly perfect little piles, with absolutely nothing in it belonging to a male, would be wonderful. This does not mean that I want my husband to leave, it would just be nice to have my own closet.

If you wonder why I find organizing closets exciting... I ask myself the same question.

svea said...

teee heee. I love this post, fab idea, and when little bit gives me a moment i might take you up on the meme challenge. hugs to you my friend, praying for you and your daddy

joyce said...

ok, enough with the wallpaper already!! Its still not retro. Its still pretty. You can have the wallpaper.

Actually, I love organizing stuff. That's why my daughters make me crazy (one of the reasons) Don't they know that they could ORGANIZE their stuff?

Oh, that closet!! We don't want our husbands to leave.... BUT one could almost do without a man...with a closet that sexy...

Judy said...

Oh, to be able to lay on the floor like that and look ATTRACTIVE.

Damn the wallpaper. I want her wasteline!!!

Melissa said...

My backpack is ready to go!!

it's a gong show... said...

Oh Joyce, what shall I meme about?? Stay tuned.

Jenn - I thought that WAS you in the picture LOL we all know how you LOVE to be organized! Miss ya!

Queenheroical said...

I want to come too ... but there will be a little TV right?

I just want the room ... it looks completely kid free -- even if downstairs they are running around like crazy people, I would bar the door and keep breakables low on shelves ... ahhh a room for myself ...blissful.


Anonymous said...

My first TV in my first basement suite looked like that. Breast remnants, belly skin all sounds very familiar. I've also given up on my old clothes ever fitting me again and gave them away. Thanks for making me laugh.

lettuce said...

oh joyce i do love your writing (you) so.

so much laughing and crying reading your blog.

7 somethings..... i'll think about it!

Linda said...

I counted 13 pairs of shoes. Wow. That probably doesn't include the ones laying on the floor by the back door either.

Lucky broad.