Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Micah, One Smart Kid

Mom's favourite food is: borscht and bread

Her favourite toys are: computer and sewing machine.

She spends most of her time doing: computer, work, daycare, and going outside.

I think my mom knows how to: blog better than anyone in the whole world.

IN YOUR FACE, Best of Blog Awards!

(thanks, Micah)


Judy said...


That is SO sweet.

Your boy knows you!

gloria said...

Awwww, totally sweet!

Queenheroical said...

Nothing tops that! Congratulations!


mmichele said...

maybe you should start the "micah award" for... something. you can be as arbitrary as you like and hand it out whenever you feel like it and no one can pass it on, you'll be the only one who can make the award.

think of the power!

Louise said...

SMART kid!! Amazing how much they pick up on!! LOL
Have a great day!

Roo said...

that's the best.

in their face INdeed.

Karla MG said...

(o) Totally sweet! I so love when my trio brings these home from school. It's especially fun to see how my twins answer the same questions. I got "10 things I love about Mom" posters from them on Sunday. Idea for artists...take old calendars and use them as background for other projects. Their lists were laminated on old calendar pages (the picture/painting side) so they looked as if they were really matted! --K

Linda said...

One of my kids once answered the question, "What does your mom do?"

She lays on the couch.