Thursday, May 24, 2007

Report on Business

It was a full day at the local home daycare centre. The first artistic expression was spear-headed by a bright young German artist who expressed herself creatively using the elements of strawberry yogurt, on a backdrop of black linoleum. Brilliant. And aromatic.

If that wasn't entertaining enough, our young artist then transformed herself into a puppy, silently and diligently cleaning up scraps of pasta sauce and cheerio remnants from an otherwise spotless floor

Not to be outdone, our second baby in command, (recently elevated to Kid Status), boarded a Rescue Hero spaceship, took over full command of the controls, and navigated spaces previously unknown to childkind.

Our most senior in command, suddenly feeling the crush of responsibility settling upon her narrow shoulders, set determinedly to work in our hair and make-up department. With her shrewd sense of business and no-nonsense attitude, our young apprentice soon rose to presidential status.
And on this day, the senior ceo could be found standing a little taller, observing the unprecedented success of her young proteges.


Roo said...

cutie cakes!

can i make an appointment with the hair specialist? i need a cut reeeeeally bad. ;)

Louise said...

Tooo funny!!
Great explanation!!!

Anonymous said...

And all that by the time Poko was on I see. Some children are only getting out of bed then (not mine, they've been up for hours). What on earth did you do to fill the rest of the day? God Bless You!

I wish that Lia could stay with you when I go back to work next year. You would make quite the pair.