Thursday, October 11, 2007

Seasonal Winds

There's no denying that a different wind has been blowing in. Daycare walks have been few and far between with the wind and the wet to contend with. Still, along with that dreaded change another wind has come again- that irresistable urge to create!

Brian's sister is launching a "home store" (similar to home-schooling but completely unrelated) for the Christmas season. She'll be turning the front room of her lovely, well-fixed-up character home into a crafty vendor's paradise. I've taken the bait.

Priding myself on normally being sort of wanna-be-ish practical, I have always thought of retail magazines of a luxury broaching on carnal sin. Lately though, if the hounds release me, my wallet and I are carried directly to the nearest glossy sleeved brothel and I scan and salavate for something different.

Well, this week I found it! Cloth, Paper, and Scissors is unique. Its subtitles are
collage, mixed media, artistic discovery. And it delivers! (not to my door, but in the artistic sense).

It was a short leap from there to deciding what my tags for the Christmas store would look like. I used the pages out of an old autograph book, then glued borrowed letters from a flyer to form the word "re joyce" which I thought went nicely with my basic addiction to repurposing anything that isn't glued down.

So, the blood is pumping happy pumps and the days feel too short again. But in a good way. The kind of short that at the end I can say- Hey! I still have five things I'm in the middle of, and I wanted to spend an hour or two reading my book! (The Red Tent, by Anita Diamont).


Anonymous said...

hey I've read the Red tent. I can't beleive I've read a fiction book before you wow love the tags.

Anonymous said...

Oh Joyce you are so creative! I can hardly wait to see everything you made for the store. Have I told you lately how excited I am. Well. . . .(insert goofy grin here). . .I AM EXCITED!!!!

gloria said...

how absolutely wonderful for you and for your sister.

i read Red Tent too, loved it! actually bought it at Niv MCC for $0.50 this week just so I could have it in my library.

i have a surprise for you. Cheri and i are stopping by later. make coffee

Anonymous said...

CPS is my favorite! I have each and every magazine they have produced, I always sign up for my subscription in 2-year chunks. It's the only mag I feel this stongly about (can you tell?)!
It is absolute eye candy for my creative soul.
So glad you found it!

Roo said...

i would love to go a-shoppin' at brians sisters store.

Roo said...

ps you probably know this already but i was delighted to discover the local thrift store is having a 50% off sale!!! yo!

Judy said...

Well, I've read "The Red Tent" but that magazine is new to me.

Now I will have something else to look for!

The tags for the store are FABULOUS. I want to come shopping. Do you think you could move down south to Michigan?

Anonymous said...

Hey, good luck with that...sounds like fun...Lindalew

Nancy said...

All I can say today make me smile, you make me laugh, and I can't believe how fortunate I am to have you back in my life. God sure is good! I love you Joycie!

lettuce said...

these are great! inspired.

Anonymous said...

Joyce! How fabulous. Again, I love it.