Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Blogging in the Real World.

Perception and context count for an awful lot. That's got to be at the root of most misunderstandings. At least I hope so.

I think everyone hates being misunderstood. Maybe it makes us feel unvalidated? I know when I am misunderstood, I feel kind of panicky that somebody thinks that I am a type of person which I myself do not see myself to be. (which makes me wonder- why would that bother me? I can't change anybody on this planet- I've learned that lesson the hard and painful way.)

The blog-o-sphere is ripe for this sort of thing to germinate. Some bloggers seem to relish it- posting controversial and provocative topics and then rubbing their virtual hands with glee when things heat up in the comment section.

Me? Not so much.

I'd rather post ideas and feelings and events. Life shapers.
Real life in the flesh has too much pain and conflict as it is. And that's with the benefits of body launguage and context.

So where we have misunderstood each other and inadvertently replied in hurtful ways.... Please accept my apologies. I've got to save my energy for the stress in my flesh and blood world. Goodness knows there's plenty of drama to be found if anyone is interested. (and all the joys of the season to look forward to...... shudder, wince, cringe.....)

Next post?
How to use pet hair from your couch and ductwork to winterize your house!


Jenna said...

hear hear!!!

Anonymous said...

My house needs winterizing, I can't wait!
(from anon.commenter #1 last time)

btw, my word verification is "scolonsp", just thought I'd share.

joyce said...

good thing I checked which anon you are!
yes, around here we need some serious winterizing.

Jenna- thanks for that. It gave me the opp to get over to your blog after way too long and "meet" you daughter! (gorgeous). Also... I didn't grow up with cookie making memories either. adn I don't do with my daughters either. some things I just stink at....

Crystal said...

Joyce, it's ok for you to post what's on your heart. Different people will always hear you differently based on their own perspectives and life experiences. And that's ok too. That's what makes our world so great. I don't necessarily nod my head in agreement with everything you post, but that's my right and yours. So please don't tame things down when you're sharing your heart. Your intentions are good and you bless a lot of people by being real.


joyce said...

excellent points, all, Crystal.
(too much stuff in my ultra private can'tevenblogaboutit part of my heart these days....)

In answer to your (several questions back) questions-- yes. Got the book, Irresistible Revolution. You are right about the necessity of reading the book. It really put the last straw on this donkey, and strongly influenced the writing of the previous post. It puts into words many of my questions; and offers quite a few questions I'd not thought of.

I am a work in process. There is an awful lot that needs excavation. There are a few lights that need to get turned on. I am looking forward to your suggestion that simplification helps to birth clarity.

Anonymous said...

Question to ponder: Why is it that when you say what's on your's being real. But when others comment (with a different opinion) and say what's on their's taken as something other than that?

joyce said...

Can you be sure that any readers perceive different opinions as less than real? or from the heart?

christine said...