Saturday, December 19, 2009

It Would Be Nice...........

....... If people would keep their pants on.

It would take the sting and pain out of some work complications. It would allow people to feel free to continue to do valuable work in their chosen fields. It would make for less stress and misery in marriages. It wouldn't hurt the workplace image if people would keep their pants on.

But when the pants come off.... all sorts of things go off the road. I think this is what anonymous commenter #2 was talking about a few posts ago when he/she/it expressed a frustration about the actions of "Christians" being generalized to reflect all people who refer to themself as "Christian". (I say this because the mission to Winnipeg's downtown is under the heading of a Christian organisation.)

My immediate concern is that out of disappointment in John Mohan and Linda Warkentin's decisions to "lose their pants"; people will back away from supporting Siloam Mission.

This affair is no fault of the poor, the addicted, the homeless, the down and outers.

I hope they won't be in a default position of paying for this careless (un)dress code.

Makes a gal feel a little heartsick. For everyone.
And sick in another way- sick of all this indiscriminate sex that seems so rampant in churches, charities, parishes, music teams.....



Anonymous said...

I hear is indeed devastating....people just aren't "fleeing" like the Bible tells us to...I believe somewhere we perhaps took the verse "we are more than conquerors" to the extreme....and forgot the part "THROUGH Christ Jesus who strengthens us"....a smart person is one who knows it can happen....and runs(flees)when the tempation arises.....none of us are that strong....and that is the biggest lie we have bought into....the after effects of an affair are sooooo damaging on both the one who committed the adultery, and the spouse/family of the adulteror...but it's nothing King David's dilemna sometime....he was annointed of God...invinceable, more than a conqueror...and so it began....and after his "affair" he didn't even "get it"...till Nathan came along and pointed out what he had was then that the lights came on for David...and he did the right thing....repented, fasted and moved on...some don't....I believe it is at this point where you predict your own future....L-lew

Brandy said...

Good comment mom.

Unfortunately, there is such a huge trickle effect when one makes the decision to stray. I'm with you Joyce in hoping and praying that this doesn't effect the poor, the addicted, the homeless and the down and outers.

Thankful for a forgiving and gracious God!

joyce said...

thanks for your insights.
Have thought a lot about John's wife, his children, and Linda W's children.

So UNJUST that everyone pays.
(and pays and pays and pains)

Anonymous said...

Amen and hear-hear, sister Joyce.