Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trade Secrets

There's no sweeter words for the daycare hag's ears than:
"I don't know how you do it."
We swoon.
We bare our teeth in shameless grins.
We sigh.
We have been validated, recognized, honoured.

What we don't tell just anybody that there are plenty of jobs that we are incapable of navigating. Or maybe that we are just too afraid of leaving our houses. Of relying on cars during bone-crushing temperatures.

We also don't tell you all our coping secrets. Oh.

Sure- to the naked eye, we are busily preparing grilled cheese for our hungry little flock.
Handy how the fridge is sidled up so close to the range like that....

Blasted offspring.
This is beyond unfair.

Still too early to launch into fridayatfivefifteen; I suppose?
Will have to settle for licks at the lid to get me through....

Back to the kids, and some pointers on how to do it.


Must contain ketchup.
And whenever possible; cheese.

If you run out of ketchup, jam comes in at a very close second.
And I mean for everything.
Ketchup. Or jam.

You must laugh at your own jokes.
All of them.
Dry humour works well- keeps them a little confused, a bit on the edge- gives you the advantage.

That's all I can think of right now to enlighten you with. I'm suffering from a massive nutrient deficiency because of the whole ice cream fiasco.
Must try cheese.
With ketchup.....

....or jam.


Christy said...

I work in a daycare 2 days a week and when there is talk about cutting out ketchup for budgetary reasons, I start looking for other work (lol). It's necessary as glitter glue and nap time.

christine said...

"laughing at ones own jokes" .....definitely a big wow factor around here too.

spontaneous jumping jacks (performed by yours truly)
also seems to entertain the young ones-not sure why.

joyce said...

it's nice to be among friends...