Thursday, December 31, 2009

Questions To Ask While Preparing To Drive To The Cabin In December

  1. I have a dvd player at home. Why am I packing my favourite movies to watch in a cold cabin two hours away from here?
  2. I have a furnace at home. Why am I......
  3. Why does preparing for cabin drive me to clean the litter box which should have been cleaned many days ago? Why does cats' pee smell like ammonia? Why does this remind me of cookies that someone's grandma used to make?
  4. Why are we packing up everything to take up to the cabin when the point of going to a cabin is apparently to "get away from it all"?
  5. Why do we have pets?
  6. Why do we have kids?
  7. Why do they all look so annoyingly happy and relaxed?
  8. Why is it -30?
  9. Why pack everything we own; destroying any semblance of order the house may have had; knowing that upon coming home two days from now, cold and tired.... there's going to be a lot of cleaning up to do. In addition to the ninety four bags of necessities to bring back inside from the van.
  10. Why am I always so positive and bubbly? Do I never have an off day? Why do I not plan seminars to teach this approach to living fully, joyfully, and always, always happy?
  11. Should I pack a kayak?
  12. Piano?
  13. Why; no matter how vigilent I will attempt to be.... will any food that we bring multiply like loaves and fishes and find me unpacking a squashed version thereof back into my house two days from now?
  14. Why don't more people try the power of positive thinking?


Anonymous said...

Happy cabin trip!


Alison said...

I needed a good laugh! Have a grand time! Don't forget about all the extra laundry this will generate too:)

Anonymous said...

You are just toooooo funny...hae fun....L-lew

gloria said...


Karla said...

Why didn't the Penners join you after you extended your generous invitation? Because two of my kids have PINK fricking EYE and one of them has an ear infection. That's why. Aren't you glad we stayed home???

The packing to go to the cabin sounds so fun. I'll bet the cleaning up after you get home will be even better. :)

lettuce said...

any answers yet?

hope its been (?) a fab. time.
I've enjoyed catching up, seeing your Xmas pics. Your Jane-bag is wonderful.

joyce said...

Vicki- are you real, or are you one of my sisters toturing me again?

Mary KG said...

I sure hope it was worth it! Schwester Mary