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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: Part 1

Do you see it there? That teensey weensey itty bitty green striped awning between two seemingly monstrous shops?

We'd have never known of it in a million years of not for Brian's obsession with the Food Network.

Now, all those nights snuggled up to Brian and his food network devotions while dreaming of The National or George Strombolopolopolopolopolous seems almost worthwhile.


I didn't need a panoramic to capture the width of the restaurant in nearly its entirity.

The grill fits just there, slightly to the right.

The "please wait to be seated" area is the narrow alleyway behind the fifteen available diner stools.

As people enter Al's, the line-up simply shuffles to the rear of the miniscule diner.

I felt almost insanely happy to not be at Perkins.


And Brian could barely speak. So moved was he by the handmade hollandaise baptizing his eggs benedict.

My walnut and blueberry whole wheat pancakes rendered me speechless also.

Or it might have been the yellow arborite, the ancient red swivel stools, the endless nik naks and memorabilia, or Al- flipping the eggs, just to our right.


janice said...

I want to come and join you - perhaps for your fabulous company. And then there is the yellow arborite, swivel stools - wheeeeeeee. So much fun. Please can I join you?

Great find, Brian. You know how to make your wife happy!

Karla said...

Mouth watering. Diner envy going on over here. I'd like to sit with your crazy fam over Eggs Benny. Next year I wanna come too. Brian can bunk with Sam and I'll share with you. See - I've got it all figured out.

Anonymous said...

And where exactly is this place???? We love these kind of hole-in-the-wall eateries!!! MK

Lisa said...

I've got one precious solo day in Memphis at the end of April and this totally inspired me to check out the D,D&D spots there...looks like I'll be havin' some good ol' southern BBQ at Tom's. Full report on my return. mmmmmm......brisket and rib tips.....

joyce said...

Minneapolis, baby. Great place.

bygeorge! said...

wow! Nice find Brian!!

Linda Roy said...

Love it.....L-lew