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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Short List Of All The Things I Didn't Buy At Mall Of America

Those cute boots at Old Navy that were marked down to $12.00. I remembered just in time that I have four pairs of fashion boots. No, six pairs. Right.

The adorable flats just to the left of the boots. Also shockingly affordable. But then I remembered that I like wearing boots and flats make me feel like I'm sliding underground.

That long, baby blue shirt/tunic/dress kind of thingie at Forever 21. I don't know what's happening to me, but I could just walk away from it, no problem.

Those stretchy tube tops that some girls in the mall thought were dresses. They strutted around the mall in these get-ups just barely covering their butts. Barely. And that's being generous. PLUS they wore ridiculous heels. I started saying "thank you" whenever a woman in a burka went by. Plus I wanted to apologize to them for all the tube top dressed women. But I went and ate frozen yogurt instead.

A truly amazing bag at Urban Outfitters. So freaking creative and out of the box. But being a tightwad bag lady I was simply incapable of dropping the forty bucks. And then I'd be so afraid that people would love the bag and think I'd made it when I hadn't. My self-concept is way too fragile for that kind of challenge. So, I didn't buy the bag.

Stilettos at DSW shoes.

Floourge, vlaegr, schrvuge, mamrrgr, or elderberry jam at Ikea. That's Brian's department.

I saved so much money not buying things in Minneapolis, that I'm going to hijack the van today and hunt down every thrift store in Grand Forks.

I'll probably spend around $14,000.


janice said...

I saved about $2000 at the snowboard sale, right here on campus. Maybe I could get a new couch, since the foster dog ate the one in my living room. Nah,I have some lovely quilts to cover the holes.

joyce said...

We're you tempted by the snowboard stuff for you? Or did your kid want it?
I think you should get a bigger dog to eat the foster dog.
I am glad I wrote this post before I got into the GF old navy. I don't know what it is about that place but I always find the greatest clothes at the most ridiculous deals!

Judy said...

I loooong to thrift shop with you...

janice said...

The foster dogs are gone, and I have vowed (before the last 2) that I will not foster again. I am saving the world one dog at a time, not nearly as one bag at a time, like you. So I can hardly get a bigger dog to eat a little one - although the temptation is sometimes there.

I brought 4 bags of stuff to the thrift store and nothing back, and I am still patting myself on the back. . . Until I go shopping again.

janice said...

Not nearly as noble, that is what it should say. Blogger ate random words in my comment.

Also this, we both snowboard, but not together very often. We have enough gear to go together, but a prefered set, that we both use when only one of us goes. This includes my BRAND NEW JACKET that she 'accidentally' took to Lethbridge and she is ignoring my requests to ship it back. I quite fancy the though of ignoring her request for me to come help her move, after exams.

Anonymous said...

Did you blow your budget on my DRYCK FLADER? It's the most wonderful gift ever. I snicker every time I walk by it. Tee hee hee!