Sunday, December 10, 2006

Beauty and the Beast

Whenever a lightbulb moment comes along, I usually get hit with cruel and unusual torments shortly thereafter. My patience-ometer plummets. My I-live-to-clean-and-serve-you gene gets suddenly unexplicably altered. The level of dissent and ugliness in the home over he/she-touched-me-itis reaches unprecedented levels. The four year old suddenly misses the days of his youth, and engages in full scale two year old behaviors. My urge to move to a small, isolated island regains large territories in my imaginations.

There is one, teeney tiny part of my brain that remains sane. It whispers; "well? What did you expect? This is good, in a way... to redirect ones brainwaves, certain challenges and growing pains are inevitable. Remember about the Holy Spirit, and "just showing up"? You know that this won't kill you, nor will you kill them. Ride out this wave, remain aware, remain alert, and don't forget to forgive yourself. Don't waste energy on beating yourself up, on believing lies about how hypocritical you are. You are not, nor ever were a perfect picnic to live with. You will have days where you are an ugly beast. Do not set up a tent there. Notice how you hate being that beast. Notice that the real hypocracy is to act out of line with who you know yourself to be-- a loved creature, designed by God himself.

I believe the concept is known as grace.


Anonymous said...

Love that concept!

Carlotti said...

Don't set up a tent there. Nicely said.

Great writing, as usual, sis.

Anonymous said...

I am standing.

I am applauding.

Judy - Anybody Home

Anonymous said...

Yeah - that is about it goes - had a low on Saturday when my girls tore down the tinsel at Papa Murphy's in the time it took me to try and order pizza.

Cinder said...

thanks for this post Joyce...I needed to hear it!

Anonymous said...

This was timed perfectly for me too. I shall take a bath and practice being graceful. Thanks, Joyce x

PS. I know I haven't got back to you on the dieting/ training buddy thing. I've been too busy eating the Terry's chocolate oranges I bought as stocking fillers in a 3 for 2 offer. I think it's a great idea. How about we start real soon.

joyce said...

Cherrypie wins the award for make-me-laugh-out-loud.
How about we set up tents, and JUST WEAR THEM?!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, we tend to be more able and willing to offer grace to others, rather than ourselves. Thanks for this post!