Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My window

At the start of the Christmas season, my creatively genius friend Rosa sent me an e-mail entitled: What's in Your window?

It sounded catchy and reminded me of that commercial "hands in your pocket" since the kids love singing that. Okay, so now you think we watch too much tv. Well, get over it.

Some of my Christmas stuff I just love way too much to hang on the tree and be subject to all that comparison that is probably as rampant among beautiful, shapely Christmas bulbs as it is on some fashion runway in Paris. So, I set some aside, and hang them in my windows.

Brian built such a beautiful garden shed last summer, that I often fantacize about running away, and simply moving into the back yard. There's no glass in the windows though, so my sensibilities usually kick in.

My tree, which has actually been called "ugly" graces the front window.

Its adorable. And I wish it would stop dropping needles.

Trees, and house plants, and gardens, and all flowers hate me.

So? What's in YOUR window?


Anonymous said...

A home made Christmas village, made from small milk cartons. The kids made a church, a pool elevator ("Daddy used to build those")and a neighbourhood complete with dinky cars and driveways. I know it's probably old hat to you but it required a great deal of positive self-talk to paint and glitter glue with four kids. Remember your post with the picture of the days' remnants in your dust pan? That started it all.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos - such is the beauty in our lives - always right there..

as to my windows - nothing but curtains in them...a tree in front though...

Anonymous said...

a sweet little girl
standing on her tippy toes
straining her neck to see over the ledge
into the big ole world.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Beautiful pictures, Joyce!

In my front window, I have finger prints. It's festive.

I want to cut out wax paper snowflakes, but my scissor hand isn't cooperating.

Judy - Anybody Home

Anonymous said...

How much for the cat? He/she is just the shade my best friend wants.

PS. Your decorations look fantastic x

Anonymous said...

Usually fingerprints in my windows too. I like to keep my windows free of anything. I love to be able to walk right up to the window and stand as close to the glass as I like, and then look out.

One year I had electric candles in all the front windows and from the outside it looked beautiful but I hated all the cords, extension cords and other paraphernelia I had on the inside. So I brought the candles to the thrift store.

andrea said...

That is one handsome pussy cat and I LOVE the shed photo. I promise to do the same once we get decorated -- if it ever happens...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful decorating. Could you be hired? If I win the lottery?

CeCe said...

Oooh, I love the ornaments in the window! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Joyce, these are the most beautiful pictures ever. Very nice.......Kathy

Romeo Morningwood said...

In our front window we have a Police Sniper from the SWAT team.
He hasn't moved a muscle for three days...
and he didn't even flinch when I hung a few ornaments on his rifle.

I gues I'll just have to vacuum around him..I have no idea how long he will be staying and he really isn't much of a nuisance.