Monday, December 18, 2006

The Party

My Brian is forty.

If his party was a reflection of his life and character, then here is what we toast to:

pleasure in rich and exquisate flavours,

enjoyment of beauty, relationships, the diversity of human-kind.

jazzy melodies, candle light, ..... ambiance. Thought given to the details.

Enjoying the lighter side of life. Respect for others, no matter the current direction of their lives.

Brian's choice of friends reflects his growing character.
There was the;
-living-out-loud-and-loving-it character.
-I'm-not-afraid-to-ask-questions-and-I-won't-apologize-for-it characteristic
-I-grow-more-gentle-with-age-and-understanding was present.
-I'm-just-a-genuinely-nice-guy sat beside him.
-I'm-wise-and-intelligent-but-humble-and-easy-be-with sat amongst us.

The setting was just gorgeous, if I say so myself.
What a gift, to be able to be fully and completely adults and share our love and home with others who made time in this manic season to recognize and celebrate Brian. I don't regret one moment of preparing this while spinning a whole lot of other plates. So often its the ones we love the most who get over looked when they should instead be celebrated. This is one time when we can hold hands, look back, and say, "well done. That was fun."

I am truly excited to see who he will grow into during our next forty years together.


Romeo Morningwood said...

It was the proverbial PERFECT event...and thank you so much for calling me Mr I grow more gentle with age and understanding...that is sooo sweet.
It was gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

:) it sounds wonderful and it looks wonderful too

Anonymous said...

yah!! happy fortieth joyce's brian.

Anonymous said...

Oh! How beautiful.

Judy - Anybody Home

Anonymous said...

Joyce, what a nice capsule of a party that in Brian's opinion was fabulous! I was there in spirit, I'm sure, and so appreciate seeing the pictures. How lovely and how fun. Keep celebrating all the wonderful relationships you have... you deserve them all. I love you Joyce.

Anonymous said...

Joyce and Brian,
Your party was awesome. The food, decor and especially the company were top notch. See you at appetizer club.


Anonymous said...

your center peice is STUNNING!!!
way to go, and the tree is great too!!

glad the party was a hit!!

shelley said...

Thanks for having us, we felt honored or honoured.

Anonymous said...

I missed it. Again. I hope I manage to make it to one of your 80ths xxx

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful, Joyce. Lucky Brian!

Anonymous said...

I love your table. It looks beautiful. And congratulations to Brian.