Friday, March 14, 2008

Her Inovativeness Amazes Her

I noticed this morning that there are certain areas of my home that are meticulously clean. They are essentially dust-free zones.

Well, actually, one teeney tiney area. And although it is typically dust-free, it doesn't exactly qualify as "clean".
But it gets bathed daily.
Then mixed up with some delicious ground up roasted beans.
Then heated up and dripped to perfection.

If the bookshelf is crusted in dust; does that mean I should read books while I drink coffee, so that the shelf gets cleaned as well as the coffee maker?!


Judy said...

You are my hero.

I just grabbed a cup of coffee on my way to read your blog.

My coffee maker is speckled like the back of an old ladies hand.

(the old lady being me.)

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh Joyce!

Anonymous said...