Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What You See; What I See.....

What you see: A confused, disordered adult who spills her guts online endlessly.
What I see: An average human being picking up the puzzle pieces, day after day, and slowly but surely seeing a picture get put together. Not so different from you, your neighbor, and your paper boy.

You see a little boy who doesn't know his bum from applesauce. You see a little boy who is wearing bottoms on his noggin.
I'm seeing a whole lot of creativity, life, joy, and kids growing up happy and together.

What you see: An adorable puppy dog. Bringing play and love to the family. Endearing us all with her wide-eyed wonder and soft little puppy fur, and wiggy waggy tail.
What I see: A bum and a ureter. Just seconds from depositing puddles and poops here, there, and everywhere. Then running and hiding in the cupboard when I bellow in my most sincere sinister badgirl voice....... SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!

What you see: The ridiculous plan of packing up two daughters, their two friends, and their auntie and driving to Grand Forks loaded up with American dollars, a couple of granola bars, and a determined plan to shop ourselves into a dither for as long as humanly possible, then drive back home. All in the same day. In March, when the roads are unpredictable and usually snowy and icey. Two days after two accidents.

What I see: One heck of a great memory.
A daughter who is alive and very much 13.
My other daughter- eleven, and great at giggling.
Enough dollar store candy to make Halloween look like a cake walk.
New clothes so exciting that they will probably make my girls satisfied and excited until at least next Tuesday.
It's all in how you look at it.


Anonymous said...

What I see, a wonderful, creative, loving, inspiring mother.

And I so get the bum and ureter part of dogs. I have two that are only stomachs and bowels, I swear.

gloria said...

ummm... when you leaving or have you been already?

Anonymous said... are amazing!!!

Roo said...

what i see: a person bursting with creativity. an artist. a gifted writer. someone who is compassionate. a friend. a mother. a wife. someone not afraid to go against the flow. someone real. someone who makes the best apple pie in the whole entire world. someone who sees things that others often don't.

Anonymous said...

What fun!


Anonymous said...

I see a happy family that loves each other and a mother that truly has been given much by God.

lettuce said...

first picture of adorable puppy i've seen. how adorable.

(and so are your kids)

it's a gong show... said...

what do i see?

a woman who doesn't conform.
a mother that would give her life for her kids.
a wife who is so dedicated to her husband.
a woman who knows how to have fun and her kids see that and mirror it.
a woman who is so courageous in baring her inner most thoughts with us.

~and i have to agree with roo, a woman who makes the best apple pie EVER!