Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christ-de-Brand '08

Jolliest dog in Blunderview, shown here with XL bacon chewing treat.

Kid-friendliest brunch. What'll it be? Fat? or syrup?

First time ever- Sam buys all his own gifts at the school's Secret Santa Shop. Mama gets dangley earrings.

Sweetest vintage tablecloth- donated for the Darfur Project. Used with permission as an actual tablecloth for an indefinite period of time. Goes well with Sweetest Oranges- miniature honey mandarines.

Best way to listen to Christmas oldies- usb turntable from The Source.

Rudest reaction to a gift: me, myself, I.

Zen and the Art of Motercycle Maintenance?! I had to read that many years ago in Intro Psych and I've still got scars....

Sweetest gift ever. Thread, needles, and new shears from my loving man.
And a Starbucks mug that looks like a cozy cableknit sweater. mmmmmmmmmm.

Most Nearly a "Best Buy" reaction to a That's-The-Best-Gift-EVER! goes to Arianna, who got the digital camera of her most REM-ist dreams.

Most creative gift giver. Jane makes femo buttons, a superboy cape for her brother, some wire stars, shape cookies, and some fabulous femo nativity pieces.

Most surprised family members? Meow! Brian, aka, the world's meanest cat hater, buys two kitties some CATMILK?!

Most mesmerized, delerious happy boys?
Wii thinks it be me boys.


Judy said...

Merry Christmas, Joyce!

mmichele said...

i loved secret santa... some of my very favourite gifts have come from there.

Roo said...

merry twistmas joyce!
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOVE those buttons. jane made them? how? clay? those are sew purty.

Becky said...

Those mini honey mandarins are delicious, hey? And that brunch looks amazing...I love that kinda food sometimes:)