Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ugly: An Unlikely Claim to Fame?

Yeah, so I might not be Paris Hilton's BFF (yet).

But I just might have my own claim to fame- just ask Misty Harris of CanWest News Service. Her unlikely choice of quote might not earn me any brownie points with the fashion conscious locals, but I betcha Paris Hilton would be all over that.

I bet she'll be texting me right away to ask for a backstage pass to my now infamous annual
Ugly Sweater Party on December 13, 2008.

Here's the thing. You have to be female. You have to have read this post to consider yourself invited. (or at the very least heard of someone who has heard of someone who read this post)
And you have to wear an ugly sweater.

I know that the who's who have long lists of legalisms of what constitutes as a ugly sweater at this time of year. But let me reassure you that I trust your own intuitions when it comes to ugly.

Huxtable was definitely onto something. So were the Griswolds and Eddie, the enviable relative.

But, hey. Like I said.... Rural is the way to go.


Judy said...

On December 13 I shall wear my ugly sweater and think of you.

Anonymous said...

Ugly it will be. I hope I'll be able to get away to our ugliness' home. Schwester Mary

Roo said...

love your quote.

paris has no clue what she's missing out on.

Romeo Morningwood said...

You have to be female?
That is sooo sexist and elitist!
Fine, be like that, whatEV!.

joyce said...

yup, sorry, bud.
Just me and my two female friends. We are soooooooooo going to have the best party ever.