Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Roper

This post is dedicated to domestic CEO's celebrating New Years Eve in the warmth and comfort of their very own toasty warm laundry rooms. Ah, yes. The fully functioning, brand new, Roper brand washing machine; freshly delivered less than twenty-four hours hence; its delivery made all the sweeter with three weeks of anticipation marked by undies and sundries providing wall to wall carpeting while children run wild and uninhibited in their recycled delicates.

Furthermore.... Let it be known that today we found it possible to find two pairs of pants for a mature women at fifteen minutes to closing time, while the staff finds it necessary to remind me every four minutes that the store is closing soon, and that the tills will close promptly at 6:00 pm. Well, okay, not exactly every four minutes. Imagine what can be accomplished in FIVE hours of shopping with my femal offspring?! Well, now that you've asked; I'll tell you.

  1. two pairs of pants for yours truly
  2. four pairs of pants for a ten year old boy with excessively high standards for comfort and waistband specifics.
  3. one pair of boots for a 14 year old diva
  4. one pair of red hot converse diva runners. These have beens sought after for some time now; this find is no small patata.
  5. bottle of champagne with which to ring in my new roper the new year with my loving family, regardless of the lack of express lanes in the LC and the little issue of everyone in Winnipeg and surrounding areas forgetting once again that new years would fall on exactly the same evening as last year, and that we would all rush out for bubblies on the day of.
  6. yoga pants for diva #2.
  7. And. Pizza for supper.

You know what else? I'm super warm, and I don't have to stay up late and feel like gravelpiteyeball tomorrow. Because I'm already home and warm and celebratory.

I love my roper New Years Eve.


Brandy said...

LOVE the red converse runners! just bought a black pair for my little mancub (that's how he refers to himself these days...too much Jungle Book)

EPrairiegrrl said...

I love the red converse too! I used to have a pair of black ones in old can you be and still wear them?
And congrats on the Roper!

Jenna said...

i love the runners too! i also had a pair of black ones....all markered up..
and i agree...there no surprise as to when new years eve is...why the panicky crowded stores??? when will we learn?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how happy it makes me to see that kitty so loved. By the way there are still two very cold kitties hanging out here.

Becky said...

Happy New Year's Joyce! Are those runners for you? I sure hope so:) I'm excited to see what God will do with your gifts this year!!

joyce said...

oooooh. No.
I am the workhorse/slave/mother-of-the-year. I will live vicariously through my converse loving firstborn.

prairie one- you're never too old when you love something.
Except with short cut-offs, belly shirts, tight sweaters, blue eye shadow.... Shall I go on?

And.... I've started calling Brian my little man cub. Its too cute not to borrow.

Finally... that kitty became Shadow's BFF and is here to stay. They are almost creepy- like they are lovers the way they roll around and play.


Anonymous said... our laundry room (which doubles as theplacetowalkinthedooranddropyourcraponthefloorroom!!) owns 3 pairs (daughter #1) black, mint green (went to Europe and ...back home again ("I'm taking these, but will likely just leave them somewhere because their falling apart...") and lastly the pink ones. Now on the hunt for a new colour if only "I had some money" (said with sad puppy dog brown strong mom, your dastardly visa bill is due to arrive any moment...)

The Naked Chef

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year reading your blog...always interesting : ) Keep it coming girl...