Monday, December 22, 2008

A Little Something To Set The Mood...

Oh, my gosh. Thank you, Artist One for the most fabulous link to the ugliest site known to sweaterkind. Check out We Hate Sheep, We Love Holiday Sweaters and design your own ghastly sweater concoction online!! This is by far the best way to waste away your day at the desk, just hours before a Christmas break.

And thank you, holiday sweater attending friend for sending me these fantastic photos. I know for sure that triangles really bring out the robust glow in my cheeks and emphasize the fullness of my arms and chins. Most flattering.
Now, go on and design yourself a festive sweater.
I know what our craft of the day is going to be...... :)


Anonymous said...

How truly ugly.
Schwester Mary
Looks like you guys had an AWFUL time.

Romeo Morningwood said...

May the the fullness of arms and chins that surpasses all understanding fill this and every day with laughter and merriment.
Ho Ho Ho

You've had another amazing year Joycee Schmoycee...
are you ready for 09?