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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: part two

With Brian's fancy new GPS, it became possible to find obscure addresses in a foreign city by simply listening and obeying every single demand his new ride-along woman made.

Everyone couldn't have been more delighted.

They're such a friendly, social bunch in the morning.

I didn't need good company to keep me happy in any case.

I was busy with my own new love: pancakes with carmelized apples, walnuts, and Brie cheese.


Life on holidays can be soooo demanding!


janice said...

So, did the new ride-along woman ever say 'recalculating' which actually means - 'you are lost, loser, because you did not follow directions'?

Your family is so photogenic in the morning. I can't imagine 2 surly teenage girls at once - my mom had 4!

I am going to make caramalized apples with walnuts and brie - MMMMM.

Glad your spring break is so fun.

joyce said...

"recalculating" is our new family mantra.
I told Brian that we need to name his new woman. He calls her "wench" when she demands that we go places that we refuse to go.

Your mom, my mom. My mom had five daughters, but I think my mom was generally the surliest.

I have three teens at present. I'm always amazed at how pleasant they can be. When they're not being surly.

And the 9 year old is Pure Delight. We don't take that for granted ow.

RUSHI said...

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (DDD, The Triple D) are a United State American food television series show. The host of this show is Guy Fieri.