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Friday, February 08, 2008

There is NO medication for this.

You know you've fallen through brand new cracks and well outside of the reaches of conventional medicine when....

You watch those de-cluttering shows on tv, then google for the address so you can get to the yard sale.

You feel overwhelmed at the clutter in your sewing room, so you go to the thrift shop to look for some vintage fabrics.

You own five kitchen tables.

You have so many plates, that you've begun to categorize them by colour and store them in rough totes in the garage.... and the basement.

You actually feel sorry for old things that might be abandoned in a landfill if you don't provide a warm and loving home. You can't leave them at the thrift shop or the yard sale and trust other people to step up.

You have buttons in ziplocs, tins, bowls and plates. You need more. Many of the ones you have are too wonderful to sew onto things and sell. How can you know that they will be lovingly cared for?!

You are obsessed with organizing, tidying, wiping, and clearing. Clutter makes you crazy.
For fun, you go out treasure hunting.

Due to your history of collecting and expiring pets, your garage houses: two hamster cages, a bird cage, and a pet taxi. They are all eerily empty.

Damaged books get picked up at junk places, thinking what wonderful business cards, birthday cards, and collages could be made with them. I rarely have the heart to rip them. I feel sorry for them.

Great admiration and pleasure is derived from other people's straight, tidy, uncluttered living spaces. Then one's mind wanders into imagining what lovely collections could be displayed here, there, and everywhere.

On de-cluttering expeditions, you covet throwing out all your husband's stuff so that you can drive to Rapid City, go see the world's best junk man, and bring home a trailer of really great stuff to put up around the house.


gloria said...

Yeah, when are we doing that road trip?

it's a gong show... said...

thank you for making me laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

When we were young Patti couldn't through her orange peels out anywhere but home. She said that she felt sorry for them in the ditch or someone elses garbage. I think we should diagnose this condition.
I just take my stuff to the boissevain dump and feel delighted to give the trillions of cats there something new to play with
p.s. yes go with the discarding of brians stuff I need a good excuse to head to Rapid City.

Roo said...

is there any medicationf or someone obsessed with vacumming dustbunnies that are found under pieces of furniture?

how long again until spring?

joyce said...

roo- I don't know, but when are you coming with your vacuum? My dust bunnies are starting to have loud s8x.

rosa- I kind of got distracted when you said "trillions of cats". Any of them need a good home? (please don't say yes) Evidently our home is not that good anyway. We keep killing our pets...
Rapid city, you say? I can't ever get that image of the top of an old hutch out of my head. I want to stuff it full of fabric bits and buttons and trims.

B&G- maybe we could all laugh on a road trip? you guys have to buy though, because I'm going to be paying off my $1200 caravan maintenance from January for the next 59 years.

If you feel really sorry for me, you could drive me to Rapid City...

I need buttons. And stuff. So i can be happy.

ps rose- remember that corduroy you gave me a few years ago from Myrna? I've just been incorporating it into bags the past few days. Yummy. Divine.

Judy said...


I would much rather do that than get to the toilets I need to clean.

All I want is a medication that would cause my husband to understand this.

Roo said...

joycie -- don't ya think i'll be cute pushing a baby strolled AND a big ole vaccum all the way to your house? :)

move to the north end (please!)-- everything in lifr would be so much simpler.

Anonymous said...

Oh so yah i still do the orange peel thing, and the apple core thing and the banana peel as well. All under the justification that i am saving it for my chickens. patti