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Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekends This Delicious Might Be Illegal In Some Countries

Oh, the decadence.

No,we didn't fly away to someplace hot and humid. The weather here was rotten. The children were not shipped off to stay with relatives for an indefinate period of time. The dishes did not clean themselves.

But the food that kicked off our weekend on Friday was especially delightful. Lobster and hot butter. Linguine with feta and sundried tomato; salad with carmalized almond slivers; spinach and ricotta pie; dilled carrots; nice wine. Pleasant company. All that- quite a gift.

The rest of the weekend, I had time to lose myself in my fabrics. Saturday a warmer front blew in from the south, and it was quite pleasant outdoors, so I was able to take a lovely walk down to the thrift shop. They were having a half off sale, and I scooped up a number of fabrics and the hugest cache of shell buckles ever. For practically free. These goodies are going to look pretty sweet on the bags of my imagination. So far, I've oggled them, rearranged their order on my coffee table/beat up chest, and then oggled them some more. Sometimes these delicacies get stared at quite a lot before I'm ready to send them off into the retail world, like a mommy watching her baby leave for kindergarten.

Last winter, my friend slipped me a luscious piece of fabric she'd found at the Steinbach thrift shop. I loved it so much that I could hardly stand to look at it, oggle it, or rearrange it. This weekend, I took the leap of faith and fitted those gorgeous swirls of "peace, happiness, love" into a terrific little messenger bag. I hope I have the courage to sell it. I may like it just a little too much. (well, ok, I made three......)

On Sunday at church, a little angel slipped me a baggie with the most mouthwatering buttons inside it. Wow. What a find. During the message I lined those buttons up in a row on my thigh and just gazed at them. Call it meditation if you will.

Loss of wages aside, ought we not to consider making every weekend three days long? After our first Sunday (being Sunday) we had our second Sunday (being Monday), and easily had time to share a meal with my folks as well. This is something that all too often stays on the list of the well intentioned.

So, the dryer toast of tomorrow's workday may stick in my throat just a little.
Then again, maybe the linger in the air of tantalizing leftovers will waft me down toward Friday again.


gloria said...

I saw you oggling your buttons in church. I had to force myself to not slip out of my seat and walk in front of the Preacher to join you. lol

p.s. LOVE the Peace bag. Would love to purchase 1 of the 3 for my little girl if they are not all spoken for already. *blink blink blink*

Roo said...

buckles make me happy too.

Anonymous said...

You make me want to learn to sew. Where do you sell your stuff?? Online?

Anonymous said...

ooohhh...the one in the bottom left corner has my name written all over it!

joyce said...

pants, do you mean the peace and happiness bag?! I've made brown ones a few times now thinking about you, then I sell them... I mean to show you photos so you can choose which one is my gift to you. Maybe tomorrow. Unless tomorrow is a cold day and there is no school and I am overrun with children. (shudder, tremmer, sigh)

Gloria. There may be a stampede. But since you are well... third to ask... you stand a pretty good chance. Get your butt-inski over here, right quick, and I'll sell you one.

Leah- I mean to sell them online. So far, I did a small presentation to women at the church and I've been selling them by word of mouth. I manage to put together two most weeks, and I usually sell them on the weekend. I have dreams of websites and marketing. We'll see. There is a post about this in the works.