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Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend Reflections

I've wanted to do this for a really long time. I've lugged this window around, hauled it out from under a desk and fished around for where to place it on the wall, thought about what quilt pieces to use, then get interrupted by life and never have the chance to finish it. This weekend the earth stood still for a tiny time and I got the thing done! I don't even need YOU to like it; that's how much I love it.

The two middle pieces are out of the quilt that my sister Laura made for our wedding gift. It has disintegrated to the point of repurposing. There are some green calico pieces in there that came from one of my grandmother Marten's house dresses. I just love it. The bottom lower left piece comes from an old quilt that my friend Rose gave me when Arianna was a baby. It has taken me this long to be willing to cut a piece out of it. Now I get to enjoy it on my wall every day.
We sneaked a little thrift shopping time on our way to a family celebration in Winkler this Saturday. I found a great old suitcase for a dollar and a number of aprons and textiles for re-use. The messenger bag on the bottom of the photo I managed to put together on Saturday morning over a cup of coffee, sun coming in the window, and the kids creatively playing computer games.

This is my happy place. On Sunday mornings, I perch myself on the couch in front of the living room window with my coffee, my cat, my dog, my peace, and my quiet. Then I observe church culture across the street. I watch people and families go into the Mennonite church and speculate about the quality of their lives, their fears and disappointments, their beliefs and quiet doubts.
It was a good weekend. There was a subtle quality of heaviness to portions of it because of human relationships. That's how humans are though. And no matter what, I can never get quite enough of humans.


gloria said...

That is a beautiful old window, love the view of the memories.

Sounds like you had a stellar weekend.


Roo said...

ABSOLUTE PEACHINESS -- that's what i think about your latest patchwork creation.

Heather Plett said...

Oooo... I LOVE that quilt window! What a great idea!

Melissa said...

Well, for what it is worth - I love it...I might have to steal the idea!!

joyce said...

steal away. It's what I did as well. I've seen the idea in magazines over the years and have never gotten it out of my head.

Judy said...

oh, Oh, OH! I LOOOOVE it!

I've been dragging around an old window for a long time now. It means more now, as the old house came down today.

Roo said...

ps: i reallllllllly liked "velvet elvis" (just saw your book list).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful what you did with the old quilts.