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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


It was a balmy minus ten, and with the windchill felt like a managable minus twenty-one. We strapped on our bonnets and flip flopped over to the church for a change in scenery. The kids were happy for a new space to run in and new toys to strew about. I was completely happy to drink someone else's coffee and eat someone else's cake and hear adults speak. In fact, I so enjoyed listening that I overstayed, and some gracious church saint offered to clean up the toy room for me and the kids.

(thanks Lisa).

Here's what I like about getting over to the church. I already mentioned the change in scenery, and since my sister refused to let me sneak in her suitcase to Mexico this morning, Maranatha church was a very close second. I love the conversation. There is no pattern to it. Sometimes it's silly and humurous. Sometimes its light and weather-related. Sometimes it's real people telling real stories about how they perceived a real God being in their real lives.

Pretty much I like all of it. Today I especially loved getting out of the ding-dang house, even when it involved swaddling six preschoolers in all manner of thermal wear. They are such lovely preschoolers, and I'm absolutely certain that they were glad to get out as well.


gloria said...

I was in the parking lot today, and left because I did not see Cheri's van. I went to her house for tea instead. I should have peaked in the door before leaving blackies in the parking lot eh?

Mills' Memoirs said...

That sounds lovely, Joyce. We've been feeling some serious cabin fever too! You are a brave soul bundelling up 6 feels like it takes me forever to dress 2 :)

Roo said...

WE GOT OUT TOO. babysitting for my ma began again today. the morning was only toooooooo eventful. (picture several preschoolers having meltdowns within the same hour) by the end of the "class" it was just shiloh and i left. i guess we've (shiloh and i) been house bound for so long we scared everyone off.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome Joyce. L

Anonymous said...

\hello \joycie from your mexican sister. \Just finished lovely supper and my thoughts drifted to und pa, and others and wanted to say you lots, \kathy