Friday, February 12, 2010

30 Days of Happy

A challenge to me.
(and you?)
Thirty days of happy would bring me pretty close to spring break.
Which is pretty close to spring.

Things around Blunderview have been feeling pretty heavy. And melancholy.
So, let's "force a bulb", shall we?

There is so much goodness around, it's time to make a choice to point some of it out.
To me.
And you.

If you decide to post some happy, leave a link, will ya? we need to feed off of each others. It'll get us all to spring.


Anonymous said...

Love this idea. I'm thinkin' I'll join you (once my art project is over) and look for some 'happy' throughout the day.


Mary KG said...

Scrabble with my mother-in-law -- or on the internet, if you're in a pinch.

joyce said...

yay, Bria! I think your happy watercolor pics helped birth this idea.

yup, you've got a grand mom in law, mary.

Unknown said...

My 30 days of happy begins with a 3day weekend plopped right in the middle of February (remember when we had to wait from Christmas to Easter to get a break from the grind?). The 30 days should include a trip to Winterpeg just to see the amazing snow-sculted local talent on display for least one girl's night out (I think we need to plan this one soon!), and something completely out of the ordinary like a pedicure or something. Joyce, maybe this would be a good time of year to consider an annual "beat the winter blues" party? What say?

Diogenes said...

Except that the "bitch" part kinda defeats the purpose of "30 day of happy"...maybe we'll save that one for Thanksgiving again.

mmichele said...

i decided to play along for lent.