Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy. 5.

A turquoise vingnette that makes me happy when my eyes fall upon it.
  • an old metal play fridge that I found at a local yard sale kind of shoved off to the side. I was really afraid that the vendor had realized what a treasure it was and decided against selling it. So, with fear and trepidation I approached her. She was busy overpricing really ugly Wal-Mart type stuff and seemed mildly embarrassed about the dirty old fridge. I got it for a dollar. I nearly died with happy.
  • Inside the fridge are some vintage play dishes, and some Lee Valley watch piece containers stuffed with buttons and trim. Ahem.
  • The iron. Thank you, Lisa, for allowing me to choose that iron out of the box of junky toys that we bought at that auction sale. That iron makes me so happy just to look at it. Just Look At It! (Don't you feel happy?)
  • a vintage children's sewing pattern, thanks to my kind mother-in-law. Her name is written on the front in really pretty, feminine script. I really like that touch.
  • It is held in a gorgeous vintage glass picture frame. (where did I get that from, again? hmmm. I usually remember these things. I forget school forms, appointments, suitcases, geography, and mathematics. But I remember where really great stuff came from. Except in this case....)

That little collection sits on a shelf in my sewing room.

It puts happy into my life.

What helps you find your happy today?


gophercheeks said...

These riches are so fun!!

What helps me find my happy.... the promise of kahlua and milk later!!

Judy said...

LOVE that fridge. A DOLLAR??? Wow.

Old old old brightly colored alphabet blocks make me insanely happy.

tanya said...

My watchpiece containers are filled with beads, but they do make me happy.

Janice said...

I have a turquoise vintage child's table and chairs set that would be a perfect setting for your vignette - not that it needs more. You know the old chrome and arborite table, with matching plastic covered chrome legged chairs? Too bad I am not closer - my baby is far too big for this set.

BTW, my word is blessu (Bless you, too)

joyce said...

lately for me? ice cream with real, strong, hot, awesome espresso poured on top.

Judy- do you still love little fisher price people? I can't pick them up without remembering you.

Tanya, what are you making with beads? Or are you hoarding like me? There's a tv show now for people like us...

ok Janice. you can't just CASUALLY mention a thing like that! How big is the set? big enough for a kid to sit on, or mini like this fridge?

(she drools. she covets. she imagines...)

Roo said...

wow! just looking at that picture makes me happy.

joyce said...

yup. MY toys.
Kids no touchy.