Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 3- a new hairkyle

Somebody please give this poor woman a make-over. Please.

What's that you say? Kyle's back in town?!

and bada-bing!!

Kyle, Kyle.
I don't know how you do it, Kyle, but you always make me very happy.

Very, very happy indeed.
(even though, no matter what, you always make me look exactly like my sister.....)


mmichele said...

Holy. I thought you always cut your OWN hair. A real live hairdresser cut. Wow.

Rosa said...

Hey that looks great. I know the thing about sisters though and you like I have so many that no matter how different the cut there is a sister to match.

Roo said...

love it.

joyce said...

I gave up cutting my own hair a few years ago....Now I groom the dog instead. I get much the same results on the dog as I did on myself; but at least she doesn't have to go out much....

Rose- so true. Always a sister to match. even with hair colours. sheesh. hard to be an individual around here, yes?

thanks, ruthie.

Karla said...


Love the little wispies on the sides!! Kyle done good!!

Anonymous said...


Diogenes said...

From Haus Frau to Hot Stuff in the span of an hour...that oughta put at least a few days of melancholy on the backburner I'd say!

Sch Laura said...

Very cute. Hi Mary!! :)

Mary KG said...

Hey I was hoping I was the sister you look like, cause you is looking very HOT!!! Now I'll have to go out with a picture of you to MY hairdresser and copy you??? Schwester Mary

joyce said...

stupid hair.
Never looks like this when I do it.

Anonymous said...

I think you should post more pictures of yourself. It's nostalgic for me :)
Wendy M