Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 4 of Happy

Vintage valentine cards. boy, they used to make really beautiful cards. I'm sorry, but in my world; "Tinkerbell" and "Mac the truck" just don't quite give me the same thrill.

To add some reality to someone else's valentine cards; a poem written by my very own Valentine some thirteen years ago.

I'm so spoiled that I have a few people loving on me in kind and generous ways.
Flowers and wine from a daycare mama? Wow. That felt like an amazing reward for my semi-annual day of crafting with the pre-schoolers...

Most of the aged valentines came with a wagon load of fabric from the lovely Mrs R. They are really something. I love it when people don't "clean up" the stuff they give me. That way, I get to discover old ziploc bags in amongst the fabrics. The ziplocs contain things like these cards! (like little surprise love notes from the past)
Another heart love of mine is vintage hankies. I tied up a stack of them to enjoy. This particular stack was a gift from Nancy Cameron to one day use in the bags for Darfur project. Meanwhile, they look great with old cards and some vintage dollhouse plates, and all nestled in an old tin child's toolbox that I once found at a yard sale in Winkler.

After my grade six overnight outdoor ed field trip..... My thoughtful friend Lisa took me on a bit of a spa experience. Well, our idea of a spa. A road trip to some out of the way thrift shops- Winkler and Morden. I was more than a little thrilled to discover this full sheet of vintage valentines, never-been-cut for an astronomical fee of ten cents. I rushed it straight into a frame and hung it up with my other heart day goodies.

Remember that set of milk glass vases?
Well, we've managed to fill two of them this weekend. We both got flowers, and they look wonderful in the window surrounded by all that white and red.

Kitties need love too.
Floey really enjoyed chewing on the grasses that came with these carnations. (I love carnations) Poor puss needs spring at least as much as I. She couldn't stop rubbing her nose along those fresh smelling greens.

A little red, a little white, and a whole lotta love.
Take a little of what you have, and make someone happy today.
Or just make a point of reminding them that they are special to you.


Anonymous said...

Love vintage cards of all kinds. So pretty.

I posted some happy today, just so ya' know.

joyce said...

I got some amazing christmas cards from Mrs R as well! I can't wait to frame them for Christmas...

Roo said...

fantastic. what makes me happy is wearing a red velvet BUTTON HEART bag ON st valentines.