Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 2 of Happy

St Valentine's Day.
One of the greatest days ever. So friendly. So non-controversial. So utterly lacking in pressure of any kind. (at least at this stage in the game. Back in the olden days... ooooh, the pressures. But not now.)

We could call highly organized, adult oriented daycare crafts "pressure" and usually they feel that way. That's why I make them semi-annual, and therefore a very appreciated big deal.

What fun to use Brian's cooking grater to mulch up some bits of crayon.

Make a craft sandwich.
One ironing board; layered with one sheet of parchment paper, four layers of clear plastic (bread bags), one sprinkling of crayon remnants, then three or four more layers of plastic, and another layer of parchment.

Cook it.
Kind of like a panini.
Only different. (smells weirder)

Look at that yummy mess of colour! And all made out of garbage.

Draw some heart shapes on the fused plastic so that the kids practise their cutting skills.
Be glad that you thought of that, and even more glad that they lose interest after 4.5 seconds. That means you get to cut out most of them, and just get the kids to act as runners. They want to run anyway, and by giving them one heart at a time, they think they are uber important running those precious pieces to the sewing machine, one by one.
And the heart shapes are actually turning out to look like heart shapes. (control freak? Me? pshaw.)
Besides. It's way safer than letting them run with scissors.

Find some trim in your fifty four billion containers of stuff that you will someday use in a bag.

Sew hearts to the trim randomly.

And festoon every sunny window with your garbage turned charming garland!
When your family comes home, they'll just know how much you love them. (they might even excuse you from cooking dinner, after they see how much Wonder bread plastic you've cooked).
In light of all that light coming through your garbage hearts, you can't help feeling happy.
You just can't.
**I know I'm being hopelessly trivial, but I just must clarify.
I hate wonder bread.
I don't buy it.
But somebody wonderful gave me all those gloriously polka dotty bags and they are just divine in their splendid craftiness.


Mary KG said...

truly lovely, Joyce!!! day I'll be just like you. My happy today is No CAVITIES, and it didn't cost me 7 visits and $700 to the dentist. ...ha ha, my word verification is "undie" -- I'm happy for "undies"-- wouldn't want to go without them except on "panty-free-Fridays".

jenn said...

I thought you hated do doing crafts!:)

Valerie Ruth said...

awesome! do you have any space in your daycare?! i'm looking.

Roo said...

i heart your hearts.

joyce said...

well Mary, now I look just like you!

Jenn- its sad but true. crafts are not my best thing; but I do have a few things that are really fun for us all to do.

around here, a box of markers,a pair of scissors, and a sheet of stickers is called 'crafts". lame but true.

Still want a sitter now that you know the truth, VR? ;) full. Very full til maybe September...

Roo- you too could make these yummy hearts! (not nearly as good as your cinnamon buns....)

Anonymous said...

I miss being neighbor to your window vignette's!!