Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy #8: Hoar Frost

Manitoba has been particularly beautiful lately.

Gorgeous hoar frost to wake up to in the morning, and it lasts throughout much of the day.

Brian and I went out for a nice morning walk, enjoying all that pretty white stuff on the trees, and getting a chance to catch up on some stuff.

And you know what's going to contribute to further happiness today? This book-- Sewing Green, by Betz White. Gorgeous, porgeous book. Very inspiring.
I'm hoping its going to give me the gumption I need to re-attempt sewing myself something to wear. Like a skirt. Refashioned from a tablecloth.
My past attempts at sewing myself clothing has always been borderline disastrous.
But today just might be different....


mmichele said...

that tie skirt was really cute. what do you mean about borderline disastrous?

Judy said...

Oh. Betz White. LOVE her.

PamJ said...

It was beautiful today!
My attempts at sewing myself something to wear did not turn out so well either, and that was back in grade 7 and I was in 4-H. Hope it turns out well for you :)

Roo said...

did you sew a skirt?

joyce said...

right. Thank you, Michele. That one might have worked out because I sewed it for my daughter and NOT for me. Of course, its mine now, because my attention span for clothes is longer than six weeks. Yeah, I do like that one, just have to be feeling really self confident to wear it. It attracts comments. Some of which i'm not sure how to interpret. (my issue, not theirs...)

Judy- yes. I must look up her website.

Pam- I'm wondering if early forties is a GOOD time to re try? Or a really BBAD time?!

roo. I did not. Have been sleeping very poorly past few nights, so I had to have a nap this afternoon so that I could develop some gumption for visiting with my parents. I did look at the picture again and read the instructions. So, I'll do it another day. Really, I will. And if it looks yukky on me, it will probably land up being a bag or something!

Mary KG said...

Yes the hoar frost...enjoyed it immensely while driving to Wpg. yesterday morning. It kept getting thicker as we drove east. My happy today? enjoying the beauty of forgiveness. Schwester