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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Do I Have to be a Grown-up?

So I'm finally learning to be assertive. I am not a rug, I will not be intimidated or embarrassed. Oh, nuts- this is school children I'm talking about, not even adults, or some fancy beurocracy.

The scene: Joyce being a selfless caregiver and pumping up a bicycle tire so kids can ride bikes around the block.
School children: "Joyce- Joey says that when you bend over like that, we can see your butt crack."
Joyce (the adult): "Oh, yeah? Well, if you don't like the looks of my butt, then don't look! I'm going to be bending over on occasion, and you get to make a choice- take a good look if you think you'd like to, or if you don't like butt cracks...... DON'T LOOK!!!!!!!!!!"

I felt really empowered there for a while....


Willie Baronet said...

That is a riot. And yes, I am the one who infiltrated your brain. ;-)

Christine said...

Hahah good answer!

Christy said...

I would have responded with "I'll show you a cracked butt...yours will be fractured if you keep talking about my arse".

Romeo Morningwood said...

So let me see if I've got this right...this is about some wise*ss making wisecracks about seeing your butt crack.

I wouldn't get too bummed out about it.

Cherrypie said...

The British Tradition would have been to ask if they could park their bike in it, then fall about laughing. Tasteful!