Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Low, low Expectations

I feel sucky and gross today. I'm so not in the mood for toddler voices asking me questions like "What are you doing?" when I'm clearly making a peanut butter sandwhich. I find myself playing the "if only" game: If only I had a vehicle, I could load the kids up and go for a field trip. We could go to Petland and look at all the animals. We could go to McDonalds and have then race around in plastic wonderland for a few hours. Or, if we're fantacizing anyway, how about I go to the city all my big self (a phrase borrowed from one of the toddlers), go to Wal-mart all my big self, and buy myself a NEW BRA!!!! Nothing could be more exciting right now. Except possibly going through the wal-mart lingerie all by myself, with a Tim Hortons coffee in hand.

But I've got to run. There are a whole bunch of intelligent toddler questions that I have to go and answer now.


Christy said...

When I get in "What if" moods, I go all the way..."What if I were in Mexico right now"? "What if I were drinking a vodka and tonic with my toes in the surf"? "What if Joyce were here and we were singing Irish drinking songs?"


CeCe said...

Yeah, I inspired you, I'm sorry. Now all you really want is a bra from Walmart with a picture of Star Jones on the label. Good luck fuffilling your dreams!

Romeo Morningwood said...

You're experiencing withdrawal thanks to your exquisite yaya sisterhood girlie weekend retreat.

Get thee to a commune... pronto!

Cherrypie said...

With such sweet, simple wishes, you shouldn't be made to wait too long for them to be fulfilled.

Until then, maybe you could get a bike, attach a trailer to it and tow the kids to Wal-Mart x

Carlotti said...

I remember the answers Mom used to give when she wasn't in the mood for stupid questions (usually.) In response to some delicious food offering, I would say "Mom, did you make this?" and she would say, "No, Mrs. Banman did." Clearing the table, I would hold a dish of something and ask where to put it. I was pretty much guaranteed the answer of "under the bed." Funny how it didn't stop me from asking the same old questions over and over and over.....

joyce said...

She also hated: "whats for supper?, Where's my ________?, and most other human interactions. -----sigh---

I often find MYSELF saying, "unga em baad."

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Thanks for stopping by Manic. I hope you're feeling better. I'll be back to read more!

Anonymous said... TOTALLY entered my head as you wrote this blog! And HOW can toddlers talk SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!???!!! I think God was snickering as He matched Adult Mommies with Weeee Littles (ya those tiny humans with alllll that ENERGY!!!) Ya....let's make THAT work!

Just so you know we still have a house warming gift waiting for you on our Westman-area shelf! We will eventually get it to you!!!

P.S. We still miss Micah's "stories"!!

Shelli R.