Friday, May 26, 2006

God on the blogspot, revisited

A few days ago I wrote a post expressing appreciation for the creativity of God. I received a comment asking about what I "meant by God". I had an instant, defensive reaction, as though God is someone we can custom design to suit our own agenda, and out of that fierce, gut reaction I wrote a blog. Within the hour of publishing it, I reread it, and had to ask myself whether love had been my greatest aim? I needed time to think, and so I deleted and rewrote it.

I welcome people who ask questions about my creative and mighty God, and won't be silent, but I guard against being one of those loud, obnoxious, religious types who just talks louder and faster because the reaction is fear based- fear of one's truth being challenged, and possibly fear that one can not adequately defend their faith.

Having ruminated on this for three days, I conclude that my own wisdom is not what is in question here. There are certain truths that I would willingly make myself vulnerable defending- they are not MY truths, they are simply God's honest truth. So, in light of that, I will try to remember what I initially typed on blog #1.

a) God is way bigger than you and me and this small planet
b) I will not attempt to manipulate God, to imagine a "higher power" custom designed by me, or you, or your neighbor's best friend.

I search for truth constantly. I grow frustrated at the limits of my mind and understanding, and with the apparent lack of sovereignty in certain aspects of the world. But I do not doubt that this is NOT just about us- our happiness, our comfort levels, our wish lists. I do believe that God has a plan, and has asked humanity to join him and trust him in the dance.

God has the last word. Any questions, refer to the book on God-- The Holy Bible.

Yes, I said GOD on my blogspot.


Anonymous said...

And we stood seperate from the world being aliens in it in anticipation for our home with him and he smiled because he was glorified in us.

andrea said...

Oh God, not again. :) Seriously, though, we've never met in person, but it seems to me that you have brought the most valuable, most *real* lessons of Christianity to bear in your life and have jettisoned the trite and the outmoded. That's real spirituality and true faith in my never-so-humble opinion.

Cherrypie said...

I salute your beliefs and your courage to stand by them and up to them. x

tom909 said...

OK Joyce, now you've really stirred me up.
I agree pretty much with your thoughts about God.
But on searching for truth my view is you can search for truth with your mind but you will never find it that way. The mind is finite and the truth is infinite so you're on a loser there. Thankfully that is not a problem though because we have more than our minds. You can feel the truth, but you can't put it into words. If someone tells you the truth then I'm afraid it's not the truth.
You won't find the truth in the scriptures - you might find a few pointers though. They pretty much all agree that truth is within us.

CeCe said...

A message for Tom: I don't think that Joyce is asking for people to challenge her thoughts and beliefs here. It may be kinder of you to not say anything than try to sound oh so smart.

tom909 said...

Cece, sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick here - I thought Joyce was inferring that she was happy to discuss these things. Sorry if I came across as a bit of a smartass there - I just went ahead and wrote my take on the situation. I'm not laying down the law but having re-read what I said it does look a bit like I am.
I actually don't think we should be shy about talking about this subject - it's pretty important stuff.

joyce said...

Tom- I do welcome the oppurtunity to speak of God, it is extremely important stuff. I believe in the trinity, so when you speak of "feeling" the truth, I relate to that on the basis of hearing "the still, small voice of God" (which is in me, but not ME).I should also be clear that I believe Jesus to be the son of God. These truths are the extremely important stuff of which my faith is made of.
Just for the record,I did not take personal offense to your comment. If we can't sensibly discuss something of such great honour and merit, then we will continue to fight and kill in the name of God. That is not love.

Cece: I love your passion. I had a big old smile, imagining you in my minds eye, sticking up for me.

joyce said...

One more thing: The Bible says that those who seek for Him with all their heart will find him.
I have found him, but I constantly seek the scriptures for truth so that I can be confident in what my hope is in. I also want to know the character of God, in order to become more like Him- to have my mind renewed.

tom909 said...

Joyce, Thank you for sticking up for me a bit there - I got a bit of a roasting for being a bit too cocky.
I guess I was waiting for you to say you were a christian. Don't get me wrong I've nothing against christians, or most of them anyway, and no more than any other religion either.
I do struggle with religion in general though - I just see it as a code of beliefs and ethics which we can all argue about (or worse), rather than concentrating on an experience which is common to all.
I know all religeous people have their reasons for being religeous but so often they include the belief that their way is right and everyone else's is wrong - I can't go with that.

joyce said...

I am a Christian, and see that as a relationship, and not as a religion. I veer away from regulations and legalisms, and from spending much energy on who is WRONG. That reaction often seems fear based, to me. According to God, people are not to be judgemental,since God reserves the right on that, but people are to be loving and caring in their interactions with others.
Having said that, I also strive to be clear on what I know to be God's honest truth.

tom909 said...

Joyce - please feel free to go away at any time if i start to annoy you.
So your view of God is that he is some kind of rational being who thinks in a kind of human way and makes rules and ethics for us to live by, and passes judgements on us.
I only say that because my view of God is totally different to that. I see God as an experience which, when I experience it, it takes me beyond the duality of this world.

tom909 said...

Sorry Joyce, that is supposed to read, 'feel free to tell me to go away'

joyce said...

Tom- I thought "feel free to go away" was funnier, but I'm glad you didn't mean it!
I hardly know how to respond, but I'll try. I don't know if I think of God as rational and human like. Its kind of irrelevant to me, I think. God is spirit, and we were created in his image, but I don't know if that means physical image.
Rules and ethics: Not exactly.I think we were created to reflect the glory and creativity of God, that He loves us, that he can be trusted, that he guides us through his Holy Spirit. I experience God, but I don't see God AS an experience.
If I receive more clarity today, I'll post another comment. (This is what I mean when I say that I grow frustrated with my limited understanding. The Bible says that now "we see through a glass, darkly" but in time we will see God face to face, then our understanding will be complete. I so look forward to that!
ps. feel free to go away. JUST KIDDING!